Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about LPU11, but it is! Over the years, we've used your feedback to help us decide on items to include in our annual package. Previous items have included a device case, patches, stickers, guitar picks, a carabiner keychain, shoelaces and a lot more. Let us know in the replies what you'd like to see in the package next year. KEEP IN MIND: these items must be fairly small (so they're easy to package and ship), and not overly expensive to produce (we can't do ipods, shoes, guitars, or anything like that...).

Let's hear your suggestions. Please note, this is NOT the place for you to give your ideas on the LPU11 CD. We already have that figured out!

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- SHIRT (also option for female sizes - only if possible!!)


- SMALL LPU MAGAZINE (with pictures, Q&A, highlights... Doesn't matter)




pizzazombie said:
 membership card(?)
Hell yeah! to prove that you're a real real real member and that you did not just owned the T shirt from ebay etc ;D

I want to see:

1) DVD with full concert in Red Square (that was amazing!);

2) Guitar pick (I don't play on guitar, but really want it);

3) LPU ring (why not?);

4) Keychain;

5) Membership card

and of course LPU CD and T-shirt =)!

Hope my wishes were handy =)

Yeah but it'd be much better to own a decent quality dvd to watch.

pizzazombie said:

you can find ALL these shows on youtube, unnecesary as hell

Catya McConnell said:
Very down with the Lanyard, a live DVD from the Itunes Fest or Red Square or Madison Square Garden, a t shirt, stickers, a membership card thing would be kinda cool to carry around, or a bag of some sort.
8-bit rebellion figures o_O. Such a great idea =)!!!

white T-shirt (cause all the others are black)

membership card (bring them back some of us never had one haha)


lanyard sounds good

and I'll try to think of something else hehe

I think A membership card is cool too
Keyring sounds good, i use my LPU7 carabiner to hang my keys off but always up for more stuff that shows people i'm a LP fan :)
I think most people so far want the DVD Adam : P. Keep that in mind!

Adam, you should take some of the popular ideas and make a poll out of them for us to vote on. :)


Also a keychain would be killer.

Laminated pics
Lpu dvd
DVD is gonna be VERY tough, and unlikely.



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