Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about LPU11, but it is! Over the years, we've used your feedback to help us decide on items to include in our annual package. Previous items have included a device case, patches, stickers, guitar picks, a carabiner keychain, shoelaces and a lot more. Let us know in the replies what you'd like to see in the package next year. KEEP IN MIND: these items must be fairly small (so they're easy to package and ship), and not overly expensive to produce (we can't do ipods, shoes, guitars, or anything like that...).

Let's hear your suggestions. Please note, this is NOT the place for you to give your ideas on the LPU11 CD. We already have that figured out!

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Oh, I like the membership card that you can get discounts from. I got that Club Tattoo coupon and I left it on my desk and I figured I'd never use it because there's not one in my area. The next week I went to Vegas and realized there was a shop there at the Miracle Mile Mall right on the strip. I got a piercing but didn't get the discount because I didn't have the physical coupon. Dang I wish I had that coupon with me.


Oh wait. If there was an LPU app (like I suggested in my post), it would be great if the people at the store would accept a bar code scan from the app instead of a physical membership card. My wallet is already stuffed too full of that kind of stuff.


I'd also like a pen. I could always use a nice pen!

cincybmxlpfreak said:


LPU membership card that gets us our discount when we go to shop in person at Club Tattoo &/or Suru or when we buy LP merchandise from Hot Topic/Spencer's.

I'd pay more for a women's shirt. Or I'd skip all of the other gadgets just to have a women's LPU t-shirt

Adam said:

Signed stuff... not happening. So that's that.


Womens shirts... it's something we're exploring. The thing with those is, they're actually more expensive to produce than the regular shirts. Plus, we'd be making less of them, making the production cost (then, your package cost) even higher. That's why we've never done womens shirts.

When I used to get stickers like this before I had a car, I'd put them on my mirror in my room or my window.

Caitlin said:
I like the car sticker Idea even though I don't drive a car, I'd just wait till I've bought one. Good idea!

Terri Lambert Nickerson said:

I would really like to have a 'cling-on' sticker for my car window.

Perhaps Sunglasses, cd cases, or something crazier

I think that its LPU CD also should be included in the package LPU. This is the change that I think would be more correct!

lanyard + laminate sounds really cool :)


oldschool: how about a cassette with some songs on it. would be awesome!


or an usb-stick including an funny movie of LP

Parker Stephens said:

guitar picks and stickers are cool, but no one uses device cases so i wuldnt include that.
Actually I'm using the device case from the LPU X package for my phone. ;-) So don't say, no one uses it. But a second one is not really necessary at the time. Maybe in a few years.
A lanyard would be really cool. Also I don't mind a mens t-shirt (I'm a woman, but a mens shirt is better than none). Although a V-neck would be nice. Looks better on most people (men too). I can also second the motion for magnets, the keychain and the wristband. A notebook would be of use to me too (beeing just a little selfish :-) ).
Stickers are cool, but they wear off after a while and if I have to choose between them and something that I can use for a longer time, than I choose the latter. The same goes for car window sticker.

Love StaticXero's idea! A nicely designed LP cassette would definitely look/be cool. But do you think, that underaged LP fans know how to use it? Or have a cassette player at home, for that matter? ;-)

My t-shirt standards aren't high. I don't need thin cloth or v-necks. I just want it to fit. A babydoll, like what LP already has in their store, is fine.

guitar pricks
LPU bracelet
autographed cards/pictures
pin badges
mini magazine with interviews,...

i would like the LPU cd, t-shirt, or hoodie, and lanyard.


but i would LOVE the LPU cd and 2  t-shirts...


i've been a member since year one, and i love the t-shirts! having 2 different shirts from LPU11 would be awesome! :)

small pendant in the form of emblem Linkin Park or

WRISTBAND - it would also be cool :)

STICKERS - will look great on my phone :)




if have the opportunity to write, I will use it :))) why not make a simple clock unisex with LP logo on the dial for LP Store? :)



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