Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about LPU11, but it is! Over the years, we've used your feedback to help us decide on items to include in our annual package. Previous items have included a device case, patches, stickers, guitar picks, a carabiner keychain, shoelaces and a lot more. Let us know in the replies what you'd like to see in the package next year. KEEP IN MIND: these items must be fairly small (so they're easy to package and ship), and not overly expensive to produce (we can't do ipods, shoes, guitars, or anything like that...).

Let's hear your suggestions. Please note, this is NOT the place for you to give your ideas on the LPU11 CD. We already have that figured out!

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i think a lanyard sounds awesome for keys etc and possably a key chain a little un ariginal but it would go with the lanyard =)



Does a song book mean written sheet music? It might be fun to have one whole song transcribed to sheet music with all of the parts.

I also see a lot of people asking for hand autographed things, but how about offering hand autographed LPU CD if they've been a member for 5 consecutive years (or 10 or whatever to make the number low enough for the band to actually do it).

If there's no way to make a girls LPU t-shirt, I like the idea to have a coupon at the store so we can pick our own girls t-shirt.

For me,I agree with Adam suggestion which is about the lanyard..

The reason why is because every single day I used lanyard to my university and it will be cool if i'm wearing the LPU lanyard and i'm sure everybody will keep asking me about it.. XD


So,here's my suggestion for the LPU 11 package :-




Laminates (created especially for LPU 11)




I just hope the lanyard things will be true cuz I will extremely happy with it..

Adam,just go ahead with the lanyard.. ;D

hoodies would be cool

T-SHIRT (very important)







and yeah, i like the idea of the LP DOLLS :D

A lanyard is perfect!

LPU Hoodie

LPU T-Shirt



LP Poster

LPU Wristband

LP Wallet

Booklet w/ photos, how songs came to be, etc...

LPU CD (w/ bonus multimedia)

T-SHIRT (if possible, with a exclusive design of any member of the band.)

MEMBERSHIP CARD (this item is traditional and should return.)




hmm, LPU CD, maybe LPU DVD ( live in madison square garden?), i love the buttons but not much ppl want them...oh my i forgot, the LPU T-shirt of course...i guess that will make millions of fans happy, or just me?..lol
Obviously another LPU CD (hopefully containing some unreleased A Thousand Suns demos), a t-shirt, a large poster featuring exclusive artwork from A Thousand Suns or by Mike Shinoda (rolled, not folded), and an art book/booklet. That would be my ideal package ;)

DEMOS CD (10 full tracks at least)
(?)DVD with backstage moments

5 MINI POSTERS with current album artwork (ATS artwork is extraordinary)


----------------------------------->>>>> WINNING SALES :)

I personally like getting the CD and a T-Shirt. I do like the keychains and shoe laces too. Patches are always good as long as they are big enough to put on a hat or something like that. I alos like it when LP shows a little support for our soldiers by making something in camo colors. The guitar pick is ok, if you play and buttons, not really into. A DVD would be a nice change, but could get expensive, so I can see you not picking that one.


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