Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about LPU11, but it is! Over the years, we've used your feedback to help us decide on items to include in our annual package. Previous items have included a device case, patches, stickers, guitar picks, a carabiner keychain, shoelaces and a lot more. Let us know in the replies what you'd like to see in the package next year. KEEP IN MIND: these items must be fairly small (so they're easy to package and ship), and not overly expensive to produce (we can't do ipods, shoes, guitars, or anything like that...).

Let's hear your suggestions. Please note, this is NOT the place for you to give your ideas on the LPU11 CD. We already have that figured out!

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lpu cd


colour newslater like this year

signed items

 8-bit stickers


what about LP mouse Pad , power (balance) wristband  ?

t-shirt larger sizes please.





wrist band

pin/buttoncode for future downloweds




Just to give people an idea on what to do with the device case from this year. I just used mine as a camera case. Since i didn't have one it works perfectly for that.


I aslo agree with getting drumsticks.


Parker Stephens said:

guitar picks and stickers are cool, but no one uses device cases so i wuldnt include that. the shoelaces and keychain wuld be awesome to have in the annual package. something that i wuld personally wanna see in the package is a LPU belt buckle and a set of Linkin Park drumsticks. And also something without a doubt u shuld add is one of Linkin Parks Album CDs. Basically anything that can be used as an accesory or that can be used in actual music. Linkin Park Forever!

Obviously we're going to get the CD before anything else in the package so I won't bother talking about that. I would like to know what's in it though, and so would everyone else guaranteed.

I'd like to see something that hasn't been in an lpu package before.


Something like... Mike Shinoda brand ketchup...

OMG! That would be freak'n hillarious! It would definitely be something we'd use at our house!

Jolon Silk said:

I'd like to see something that hasn't been in an lpu package before.


Something like... Mike Shinoda brand ketchup...

I like the lanyard idea.

Guitar pics!


linkin park dolls? haha :), like plushes?

 Unreleased music, unseen artwork from previous albums-tours as posters or bumper stickers, key chains???

• T-SHIRT design by Mike, Joe or Chester
• Application for iPhone/iPad and PC (maybe a new game, I dream with an App with the key of Joe for play Numb, In The End, etc)
• Something  of the old School, a vinil, poster signed by the band
• Drumstick of Rob or maybe designed by a member
• A Copy of "Xero" cassette like the copy of HT EP 1999 in the LPU1
• Each year, maybe each member could do something huge, a piece of art maybe, something to collect each year.

Membership card!!

T-Shirt (Bigger size please, like 2XL?)





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