Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about LPU11, but it is! Over the years, we've used your feedback to help us decide on items to include in our annual package. Previous items have included a device case, patches, stickers, guitar picks, a carabiner keychain, shoelaces and a lot more. Let us know in the replies what you'd like to see in the package next year. KEEP IN MIND: these items must be fairly small (so they're easy to package and ship), and not overly expensive to produce (we can't do ipods, shoes, guitars, or anything like that...).

Let's hear your suggestions. Please note, this is NOT the place for you to give your ideas on the LPU11 CD. We already have that figured out!

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Maybe, exclusive LP coin? =)
LPU CD (with a few previously unreleased demos, plus maybe a few exclusive live tracks)
LPU T-shirt
Additional t-shirt from the merch store
Membership card
An LPU lanyard (would be cool)
An LPU Sketchbook would be nice as well
I would like to see in LPU11 Package, for exemple, LPU Membership Card and, maybe, Book for LPU =)

guitar pics


laminate for backstage access. :D (just kidding)






DVD Disk with some concert or content (e.g. rare concrets or newest ones like Live in Moscow)

Mouse or USB flash drive with LP simbolics
(I thought everyone who is in LPU using PC a lot of, and it would be useful gift for everybody us!)



Mug or Wristband

Stickers, Shirt, Poster, Dvd, Cd, Hats.

Things i would like to see in LPU11

  1. T-shirt (clearly a tradition)
  2. CD (this seems to have already been decided)
  3. LPU digital fan pack (a CD/DVD with photos, maybe logos and stuff for us to use to show our undying love for LP on all 1,000 of our social networking sites)
  4. Guitar Pick are always nice.
  5. LPU 11 laminate and lanyard would rock
  6. something unique, something no one can think of. something the band wants their "Inner Circle" to have.

Totally Agree... Frat Party at The Pankake Fest. XI

An Van Oppens said:

Something very exclusive but compared to the Frat Party DVD would be really nice.

KATHYxx said:

Things about DVDs:

1. It's something physical to add to a collection.

2. Can watch them on a TV, unlike downloadables, and are probably in better quality.

3. They aren't taken down like websites are.

4. LPUTV might be redundant, but I think pairing LPTV, footage only shown on TV and not on LPU, or other unreleased footage with it would be worthwhile.

5. I dont even know how to download the videos here. I get a link that takes me nowhere.

T - Shirt






signed things

also Linkin Park dolls will be very cool too :)



1 Exclusive DVD

2 Artwork

3 Stickers

4 Photos

5 Markers and or Pens

6 LPU Hat

7 LPU Belt

8 Action Figure/Dolls

9 Ditched Lyrics(maybe)

10 Anything from previous years

I don't expect all of this just you know just a few suggestions. 

Maybe you could have some type of randomized package thing so its a surprise, for fans who like surprises haha. Although I guess you must keep in mind people who don't like surprises.


we need in any case a membership card with a picture with LP on it








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