Hello everyone!!  I recently renewed my LPU membership.  I think I was supposed to get a link for the LPUX CD: A Decade Underground, but I did not.  Did anyone else have this problem?  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Hey there!

Got the same problem. I asked at the helpdesk but got no answer thus far...Annoying...


A decade underground is not the LPUX CD, it's a present with the LPUX. The LPUX CD can be bought on the LPU shop I think. I got mine at the London LPU summit, but I think we can bought it anywhere.


same problem...
Got the same problem! BTW I love ur pic! Im jealous!:P

I didn't buy LPUX, but I thought A Decade Underground was for LPUX pre-orders only.   The fact that it's not advertised on the website means it's not up for offer, i guess.  ....Unless someone else can come in there and show that they got a download after November.




Get a copy of Songs From the Underground instead. It's only like two songs different.

hi everyone! I just renewed mine as well and i have the same problem, plus when I go on the LPU page the same message pops up- the one with buy now. So i have no idea. Plus the last time I had a membership I got like a package is that still happening or they changed it? Thx so much for the help.
laura: nope - you don't get anything with LPUX. and nope, they haven't set up the LPUX site yet. basically you just paid $60 for linkinpark.com + presales + chance for a M&G + chance for a summit. oh, and video chats with the band.
Ok tnx so much! I hope I'll get to go to one of the summits. :)
Hi, I have the same problem ... signed in to LPUX nearly 2 weeks ago and I only got the receipt and the M&G information... no CD and nothing else.... I still haven't found out who can help me with this problem? Honestly, I'm a little bit disappointed about that....
@LPisgreat: you will not be receiving a CD or any other stuff from linkinpark.com. anything extra you want, you have to buy.
Hi burning daylight... yes, you are right, I chose the wrong word... I did not expect a CD, but I know from a friend of mine that she received a download of about 10 songs ... this was also written in the description for the annual membership, I think.

burning daylight said:
@LPisgreat: you will not be receiving a CD or any other stuff from linkinpark.com. anything extra you want, you have to buy.
So there never was a link to download songs from lpux cd or am I wrong? :/



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