Hi There! :-) I just joined LPUX and payed 60 Bucks. I got an download called "LPUX Annual Pass" with two PDF inside and the "A Decade Underground" compilation. Ok. Nice.


I also got an e-mail "Your Receipt from Linkin Park" and thats it. No Login Information, no Welcome Mail. So my question is - what happen next? What can i do with this Membership? Any hint to a webpage or special action would be nice.



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Thank you for the info, it helped a lot.  The tickets are for my girls, they will have a blast.

Marjorie Mourid said:


You should receive your tickets in about a week or so.  Tickets for the Staples Center (LA) will not be mailed until 1/14/11. There is a forum you can check out regarding "FAQ for North American Tour" if you have more questions.You did not get ripped off. 

Hope this helps!  Enjoy the concert, I know I will.

Liza Pena said:

i so disappointed in this membership.  I joined & bought tickets to the LA staples center show for next month.  They took my $165 but i never received tickets.  All my friends got there tickets thru ticketmaster when they went on sale & all have there tickets now.  I have nothing.  I am so pissed off with this membership & feel it was not worth the money I paid for it.  Now I have to tell my daughter & niece we may not get to go to the concerts because I was SCAMMED by Linkin park. 


Mom in panic mode,


When I first emailed the customer service they said they should of shipped 12/15 & the new email I got yesterday said that they are shipping 1/14.  Two different CSR's gave me two different dates.  But looks like they should ship tomorrow I HOPE>

KATHYxx said:

She said in the other page, that hers was a 12/15 ticket. She needs to get a resend.





Speaking of which. ManBearPig's friend got his tickets, and her tickets dissappeared.  I think they've gone and sent out tickets to the wrong peoples.
burning daylight said:

yup, you just gotta keep visiting linkinpark.com. 


@liza: when was your ship date for your tickets? if your tickets were shipped on 12/15, they should've gotten to you by now (unless there were problems in your area that prevented your mail from getting to you). if yours had a later ship date (i think some people have a 1/6 or 1/15 date), yours should be coming to you within the next two weeks. did you get regular tickets or the VIP pass thingies? it may be different if you purchased the VIP package. 


linkin park themselves aren't responsible for the tickets - it's topspin/bandmerch. if you're concerned about your tickets, email them with the date you are attending and the kind of tickets you purchased (reserved, GA, VIP), and ask when you should be receiving your tickets. 

Michael Keil said:


Hey! Ok so no special site for LPU just this forum. Talking about summits, presales and M&G's. Do you have any idea if we get some special e-mail about it? And how i can register for it? Or i have to visit linkinpark.com every day to watch if anything is going on?

burning daylight said:

no....this site has been around since january of 2010, when the lpuers on lpunderground.com got to beta it before the rest of you guys did. we had no idea that this would become the new LPU site.


basically, LPU has now been consolidated with linkinpark.com, and as far as we know we aren't getting anything special apart from the summits, presales, M&G's, and the decade underground album. 


mike: i'm not sure why you didn't receive any login info for this site. i'm guessing that it's because you were already a part of the linkinpark.com site (which, as i mentioned before, has been consolidated with LPU). since you got here, you should be fine. you won't be receiving anything else now that you're here. 

@Your Conscience: You said it the best! These are actually my current feelings too. Well, my LPU9 membership runs til June 2011 and i after that i don't know if i should renew :(

The new LPU is kinda disappointing for me, the older LPU was just better! it was just a page for US the LPU member and not a small group on the LP.com page where everybody can join who wants too. Also the fact that there is no tshirt or anything coming to us when we purchase LPUX .. Like they did all the years earlier! i really enjoyed the old LPU .. and i miss it!

Hey guys, i read all of your comments. i´m at lpux since november 2010 for the first time. i also thought, when i will pay 60 $ i will get a package too. but it wasn´t so... at the first moment i thought, something went wrong with my announcement. but now i read your blog and i know, everything was right. but i cant be glad ! i thought, i will get a shirt or just a membership card or just SOMETHING! hmm..., im very sad about it...



Yeah, unless something dramatic changes, I won't be renewing. The Underground was created for hardcore Linkin Park fans, but now it seems like we're just starting to fade in with everyone else. Unless you have unlimited time to spend online and get chummy with Adam and Jess, good luck getting help with any issues you may have. We're paying more for fewer benefits, and in some cases getting screwed out of the extra things we're lucky enough to be selected for, while nobody at LPUHQ does anything to rectify it, let alone acknowledge the matter. I'm deeply disappointed in what the LPU has become. I mean, the Summit was a cool idea...for anyone who lives where it was or had enough extra money to spend on the trip out.

is there any way to re-send the recept


It's obvious most everyone is disappointed in many areas with LPUX but can someone tell me what the LPUX discount code is for merch?  We received a code for LPU1-9 so please tell me there is one for LPUX.
I'm happy with my LPUX membership as I feel that it paid for itself after going to the LPU Summit in Chicago. On the screen at the show they had a video that said that more things are coming soon. There was an announcement that there are going to be exclusive downloads for LPUX members only as well as merch which will be coming soon. I would say to stay tuned as to what's coming forth. I'm sure it's going to be worth it. I'm pretty sure this time around there isn't a merch code as I think everything now is linked to your sign on. Since everything with LPUX is still in it's infancy, I'm sure the kinks are going to be worked out. It just takes time.
And as I said earlier, for people who don't live close enough to have attended the Summits or pay a ridiculous amount of money to get to the locations they were being held, our memberships still haven't been worth what we paid. And, again, as I also said previously, we have exclusive merch available to us, but it's something else that we'll have to pay for. So, basically, our LPUX memberships paid for our hopes to be lucky enough to see Linkin park and the opportunity to pay more money?

HybridSoIdier said:
I'm happy with my LPUX membership as I feel that it paid for itself after going to the LPU Summit in Chicago.
I just bought the $60 yearly membership and only got a receipt. The receipt only talked about RSVP and nothing about a download link for songs people are talking about.  Anyone else seem to have this problem?

I got the same thing... just a receipt.

I guess we use the same sign on we use for the "regular" website. There is a chat this Friday with Phoenix for LPUX members only but had to check the website for that.

FredyG said:

I just bought the $60 yearly membership and only got a receipt. The receipt only talked about RSVP and nothing about a download link for songs people are talking about.  Anyone else seem to have this problem?



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