Hi There! :-) I just joined LPUX and payed 60 Bucks. I got an download called "LPUX Annual Pass" with two PDF inside and the "A Decade Underground" compilation. Ok. Nice.


I also got an e-mail "Your Receipt from Linkin Park" and thats it. No Login Information, no Welcome Mail. So my question is - what happen next? What can i do with this Membership? Any hint to a webpage or special action would be nice.



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does this membership include discount for merchandise (promotional code or smth)?
huh?? What is the new LPU site?? :S

LinkinParkForever275 said:

yep this is the new LPU site!

The "older" lpu members from lpunderground.com were switched to that automaticly.

LPunderground moved to LP.com. Its a well choosen switch, but in my opinion the older lpu was much easier and easier to overwatch!


but all in all = i love it here to :)

The "LP Underground Members" forum of linkinpark.com is apparantly the new LPU site...good to know we paid more money on LPUX for so many downgrades, huh?

Nicole Knapp said:
huh?? What is the new LPU site?? :S
Hopefully there is something good fpr LPUX in the pipeline. I enjoyed the old LPU but here i don´t get this special feeling. Possible that i am still disappointed that my full friendlist is gone and thanks to a new mailaccount i have lost a lot of contacts :-(
I have the same problem except i bought the membership when it was first released. Is it still the issue of the site not being created?
I find it so tiring to check this site every day and every day... And it's hard to keep up to date with every discission started here... It takes so much time! And honestly, I've got other things to do than hanging around in the internet...:(
guys can u tell me where i can download the "A Decade Underground" compilation? even if i got an annual pass i didn't get it

Same here :( And as far as I can tell a few other people have that problem too :(

Has anybody got that link? I´ve got the annual pass too...

LPu forever


i'm Lpu from indonesia

I payed too but I dind't got a download called "LPUX Annual Pass" with two PDF inside and the "A Decade Underground" compilation. Just one PDF. What I have to do to have the complete dawnload "LPUX Annual Pass"??



Have you paid for one month or for a year of membership?

For a year! I payed for a year...


Order Number: 8967775
Order Date: February 07, 2011
Payment Method: Paypal Express Checkout

LPUX - Annual Pass








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