Hi There! :-) I just joined LPUX and payed 60 Bucks. I got an download called "LPUX Annual Pass" with two PDF inside and the "A Decade Underground" compilation. Ok. Nice.


I also got an e-mail "Your Receipt from Linkin Park" and thats it. No Login Information, no Welcome Mail. So my question is - what happen next? What can i do with this Membership? Any hint to a webpage or special action would be nice.



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So you got an e-mail recipe, I guess? You should find something in there. But I never found this a decade underground compilation :( I am not shure who to adress with this problem, a few people have posted that they have this issue too, but noone is responding to that question :(


The reason I'm not addressing the question is because I never got a PDF download of A Decade Underground as other people claimed to have; even though I purchased my LPUX membership shortly after it was made available, I still had to pay $10 to get my album (and was sorely disappointed that it's half of Songs From the Underground plus a couple of other tracks). A lot of people don't know who to contact about a lot of issues that are being had because the new LPU "site" isn't as user-friendly as it was in the past. It seems to be quite a task getting a hold of anyone, aside other members, for support...

I realize this doesn't resolve your issues, but I just thought I'd throw it out there that you're not being ignored by fellow members; we just don't know how to help you.

Ok, so there is no download? Well that would kinda solve my problem ^.^ since It means I am not to stupid to find it. On the first page of this thread somebody was talking about having it, so I thought I did something wrong...

I thought the cd you can buy and that download are different things.

thx for responding though :)


Like I said, I never recieved anything for a free download, so I paid for the physical CD. I've also seen some people post things about getting an e-mail with a download, but I never have. I'm not exactly sure what's going on with that, since we all paid for the same kind membership, but that's the situation as I know it.  *shrugs*  If you already have Songs From the Underground though, my personal suggestion is that you skip out on buying A Decade Underground, and instead opt for LPUX: Demos (which I absolutely adore).

Sorry I don't have better news for you...if there is someone who knows how to get a free download, I sure hope they find this thread and reply though.

same story but actually i Haven't purchased the cd new lpux is really bad :(

i also don't like the new lp app for android as it crashes on my moto defy for no obvious reason

Thanks for the answers. Thanks!! :)


oh, this LP App  (for android) don't "work" - if you download it its okay,but if you reopen it - it always crash down as Tobias Feller said...


And this site is really confusing...

Actually I think it is finally getting better ... but it still haven't gotten my dl link for lpux songs :(



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