Hey there, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has actually recieved their merchandise yet???


I paid for mine over 3 weeks ago , and it still hasn't turned up! what are the chances, I am wondering if there is someone who has recieved theirs, I have to admit I do like Linkin Park since a young age - and I saw them at the o2 Arena in the UK last november! Pretty damn EPIC!!!


Craig !

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i checked mine and it says 2001-09-05 but i thought maybe it was different from usual american format, so i read it as may 9th. partially because when i try to edit my address through the check status link, it wont let me (so i assumed itd been shipped)

if we have to wait until september im gonna be pissed - waiting 4 months for it to even ship is beyond ridiculous. i miss the old lpu 

i put in a change of address with the post office for the first move, will be putting in another one after we sign the closing papers for our house. i havent been able to change my address for my account here

Your Conscience said:
As long as you provide a change of address through the post office, you should still recieve your package. It just might take a little longer with all the forwarding. Have you changed your address on your account? If the merch hasn't been shipped yet, then your old address shouldn't come into play when they do mail them out, as long as your current one is on your account.  *shrugs*  I hope everything works out good for you though.

You can't have ordered the LPU join package before May. You're thinking of something else entirely and the advice in this thread wouldn't apply to you. You need to contact support.... somehow... and tell them your order is lost.

Silke Breidenbach said:
I send my massages to the LPU HQ but I didn't get any answer. Who is topspin?

Monica Opperud said:

maybe you should adress your questions to topspin??

Silke Breidenbach said:

I sent my order in December and I didn't recieved anything until yet. The last year I recieved the package within 6 weeks and I am living in Germany. I also sent an email to the LPU but I didn't get any kind of answer.


i ordered mine in not long after they put it out, and i have not received any package, and i live in australia, but its ok LP rocks!! i joined before the was initially a package so it does not bother me :)


There was a message from the LPU than you can renewal your membership earlier. So I did it bevore I forgott it immediatly.

Your Conscience said:
...uhm, did I miss something? I'm pretty sure they hadn't announced the LPUX merchandise package six months ago...

Silke Breidenbach said:
8 week is normal. but in my case it is now more than 6 month ago.
no still haven't received anything sent off for the package in may, gettin pissed now get it together guys at least tell us whats happenin has the stuff been stolen by pirates or something lol please send asap always luv u lp
I started in on a rant about the way LPUHQ is handling things, but I decided this isn't the time/place to post it. So, instead, I'm just going to say that the fact that LPUX was made available in August of last year, and we're currently being told that we won't recieve our package until September of this year is beyond disappointing. I love Linkin Park, but I don't love the direction their fanclub is taking.

Thanks though, Danny, for sharing your most recent info on a possible ship date..

Danny Martinez said:
so i just checked my receipt page..and it says the ship date is 2011-09-06...looks like we gotta wait until september
Right. I pre-ordered my membership when they first announced it nearly a year ago. But the merchandise package being addressed in this discussion wasn't announced until two months ago.

Silke Breidenbach said:
There was a message from the LPU than you can renewal your membership earlier. So I did it bevore I forgott it immediatly.
rockerbabyy - I just sent you a private message...check it out when you get a chance. Hopefully it can help you out.
Hey guys! I think the packages were shipped in June because I received mine yesterday, July 2, 2011 and I live in Los Angeles! Hopefully this helps some of you guys out! :)
Mike said the packages will be send in july ^^
Hello I'm in the US. I received my yesterday. Got everything but the device case :(



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