Hey there, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has actually recieved their merchandise yet???


I paid for mine over 3 weeks ago , and it still hasn't turned up! what are the chances, I am wondering if there is someone who has recieved theirs, I have to admit I do like Linkin Park since a young age - and I saw them at the o2 Arena in the UK last november! Pretty damn EPIC!!!


Craig !

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Are you talking about the LPUX Merch package? I am from Germany, ordered May, 2nd...and of course i still haven´t received it :-/ 


@MARIA: have you received an email that your items are on the way?

Hi - I have not received mine either - London based.,,,



Me neither but i don't really care i mean it's nice but hey guys it's summer time;)
So it be cool to wear LPUX tees :P
I've just received e-mail that my package has been shipped! :D
So Have I :D
funny - i got my package yesterday. today i received an email that its been shipped
Lol, just received my shipping confirmation =)
LPU will have to step up there customer service online!
i paid for mine at the beginning of may and i havent received mine yet



Have you received your shipping confirmation?

No nothing no shipping confirm - nadda...


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