Hey there, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has actually recieved their merchandise yet???


I paid for mine over 3 weeks ago , and it still hasn't turned up! what are the chances, I am wondering if there is someone who has recieved theirs, I have to admit I do like Linkin Park since a young age - and I saw them at the o2 Arena in the UK last november! Pretty damn EPIC!!!


Craig !

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Contact lpuhq[at]lpunderground.com and ask them about your order :)

I searched the whole f*** day for an email address, but i don't think about this one xD


Thanks, so, I hope i can ask them without having a recept (forget to safe...)

Helloooo! I've just joined the Underground thing recently but I've been listening to Linkin Park for yearrrrs. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. I'm from the UK and wanna get the merchandise thingy, Do you know how much that is in Pounds?? So I can save up, you know? Hmm, I'd love to see them in person!!!



If you have an annual membership, you don't pay anything for it.
Seriously??!! Wow..... That's beyond Epiiic! That's like $60, ja? So it'd be about £40?? I'm just guessing here. Hmm
no merch for me yet either :(

Hey, a question to all of you, so please read...


My package arrived her, but the customs authority kept it, because there was no bill on the outside of the package. So now they want, that I show them the bill, but I deleted the mail in may.

By the way, my package was for free, means I had to pay nothing.

So my question:


Can anybody, wo also ordered his package for free, send his bill to my email adress?

My email is Pascalkamm@web.de

Please help me, ...

Thanks a lot !!!



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