Hey, I've heard that linkin park will be performing on the 23rd of june for Transformers World Premier in Moscow Russia. I wanna ask, if there will be a meet and greet session with them since there is no information at tour date page. I've been dying to see them.  I would love to know how to join this meet and greet session, since i've been waiting for 5 years in Russia to meet them.

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Possibly we could get more info on how to attend M&G a bit later - after 1st of June. Would be great to hear some official comments on this.

and I hope that LPU members will be provided with tickets to the show in Moscow

Yes it is healthy!

All of russian LPU members waiting for meet&greet.

And I want to say, that we don't even know how can we get our tickets. Produser of radio NRJ said that we must watch their site on June 1st. Russian fans are waiting for this day, but we don't know that we get tickets or not. It would be very sad if true LP fans doesn't get tickets, but people from the street that don't know anything about LP get it =(.


Sorry for my English. Greetings from Russia

from the moment of 'Transformers's press-release may, 23, we knew that we should wait June, 1 to get our tickets and other info!!!

WE WILL get this tickets. YOU WILL get this tickets. if you are real fan, you;ll watch this radio and get it.

Maybe, waiting for the info on the 1st june is the only way for me, since i won't able to listen to this radio since my russian language is not very good. I'm a foreign student living in moscow, russia. so lets pray there will be tickets and M&G for us.

Izyan, if I can get an extra ticket I will give it to you =)

Egor, I want a ticket too! =)

Yay!!! Thanks Egor!! =)



We have some news. Read more here: http://www.energyfm.ru/?an=transformers .

All what can I say that radio NRJ are f***ing m*rons.

Come on LP, this radio contest is real bullshit, giving tickets for first 200 people for a photo of me wearing handmade robot costume or for being in some special place on a special day on roller blades is total crap. This contest is for 10 y.o. children on fricking pop radio! It should not be so!

32sept, you said exactly what I mean.

We don't have any LPU privileges and Meet&Greet on this concert and now we need to do a f***ing handmade robot costume! I think it's a disrespect for all russian fans that waiting for LP concert so much.

Please, just sell this tickets to us!



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