Hey, I've heard that linkin park will be performing on the 23rd of june for Transformers World Premier in Moscow Russia. I wanna ask, if there will be a meet and greet session with them since there is no information at tour date page. I've been dying to see them.  I would love to know how to join this meet and greet session, since i've been waiting for 5 years in Russia to meet them.

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It would be very sad if true LP fans doesn't get tickets, but people from the street that don't know anything about LP get it =(.


Yeah, there must be some other way to get the tickets other than entering these bizzare contests made up by these effing organizers/sponsors/wutevah.

Is there at least a tiny chance of getting a ticket for such a long-awaited gig in a more, well, peaceful way lol ? :D And yeah I agree with some of the previous comments,the-so-called priveleges of some of the LP fans are limited, the majority of them is not listed in LPU, but they are still very devoted... But is there any other way we could show this devotion to you? I mean, other than making a transformer suit from empty cans and taking a photo with a carpet as a background? (I don't even say that it's gonna be done instead of getting ready for numerous credits or exam session but whatever. it's a piece of rant ). Just sell these :D Please :D

I wish I could just buy ticket and not worry about these dumb contests. I'm sure, most of the russian fans think same way.

Well, let's see what tomorrow brings...

The contest is more like a joke, but it's not funny and I have got no reason to laugh, moreover it has nothing to do with LP, and if I recall right Phoenix said in the video, "... we'll also be performing for our Russian fans...", how will you perform for us if we can't get a ticket? And I wonder what's the use of staying in LPU if we're not allowed to attend a long-awaited show, which is free. In our case being a LPUer is not a privilege, it's nothing. "As a member you have the chance for admission to events that are not accessible to any other Linkin Park fans." Do I?
okay let's call a spade a spade, it's all done in order to promote a movie. Ahahaha i do hope though you'll come to Russia afterwards as a part of the tour and we won't have to go bananas to get the tickets, we'll just purchase these :D
The contest has amazed me. Such stupidity, I have not seen. I ask to have privilegesto LPU.
So like for the present it is not known that for competition and that it is necessary to do. That was mentioned only about what code.
This NRJ radio that is going to be giving away tickets to Moscow show is total fucking bullshit!!!
This is a pop radio that only children listen to! How the hell can they be spreading tickets to a serious performance such as LP does?
This is ridiculous! The contests that is offered to attend to for the sake of getting the damn ticket is beyond any possible irritation! I'm asked to make a handmade transformer costume!! What the fuck is this !?!?
I'm an LPU member for almost 4 years! And what? To get to a loved band show in your own country I have to listen the damn freaking radio and do their childish stupid contests?
I bought tickets to Moscow (live in other city), but if don't get the show ticket by sane means I will sell trip tickets back.

robot suit??? not funny at all

NRJ radio will distribute most of the tickets to those who will participate instreet racing - random people who live in Moscow. it's killing me
what about fans from other cities?
why the fan club can not reserve tickets for LPU members?

Dear LP, we'd like to hear official response on our complaints above. Please do not ignore us.
Russian fans want a normal concert tickets Linkin Park, those contests which offers radio - just a joke. We waited for this concert 2 years and do not want to participate in children's competitions. Give tickets to a free market, because the concert will come to fans from all over vast Russia. For us this is an event of enormous proportions, and no contest ..



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