I've applied for the LPU Meet and Greet at Download Festival UK on the 12th June. I would love to know how and when LPU HQ get in touch with details about the M&G arrangements or even if i've got on?


So excited!!! Anyone with any experience/ knowledge, please fill me in.


Emma xxx

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1-3 days before the show.

Thank you Linda! is this via email? what kinda info do you get? because i'm seeing them at a festival and am worried that because the M&G is before LP's set, that I will go and meet them, then have to find a spot at the back of the crowd to watch them play.


As you can tell i'm a little clueless but sooo excited :)


Emma x

Hey Emma,


Ive applied too, would be AMAZING if we get them!! So excited bout download, you going the whole event or just th LP day?

Ive applied before and not heard so dont know when or how they confirm, email I'd imagine.

Hopefully see you there!


Binny XX

Hi Binny!


Just the LP day, I really like Bullet For My Valentine too, so will look forward to watching them play and fingers crossed we both get to the meet and greet!!


Emma xxx

You will recieve an email with all info, where and when etc. I think that M&G is before the show, it has always been that way so I don't think they've change that.

/ Linda

Thank you Linda! x


You're welcome! :)
Yay :) going to be watching my e-mail like a hawk too then :)


So excited too! I have not received anything either and have no idea when they will say. They have to confirm soon as people who are camping will not be able to print anything out if they dont sort if before next Friday?


good luck!


ok, well i'll post on here as soon as I hear anything, likewise you can too? Excited beyond belief, have you done a meet and greet before? xxx


I hope I hear before Wednesday, because I'm doing the 5 day camping, so I won't know if I get an email after then. Good luck on the M&G, it'll be my first time if I win it :) 



fingers crossed! how many have you applied to? x



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