If you guys haven't seen it yet, Linkin Park is seeded #1 for MTV's Musical March Madness this year. They weren't in it last year so we need to vote for them to get them the top spot. They're doing voting in rounds, so make sure to visit newsroom.mtv.com regularly to find out when it's time to vote for Linkin Park. I'll try to post again when it's time to vote for Linkin Park.

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LP is losing to paramore, oh man. well figures, Paramore has too many teenage fans sitting on their asses voting all day while a high percentage of lp fans are on the working class. Being able to vote many times sucks.
I just can't beleive we lost to Paramore! What a shame...
Yeah...it does suck that we lost to Paramore. :( Lame....
hey guys can u include me in ur chats as i m a new one on this chat...


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