Hey. So...I know that tinychat just recently updated the way it works and now we sign in using Facebook (or twitter?). However, I am having a hell of a time trying to get into the chatroom. It doesn't have to do with my tinychat account because I made sure to sync it with my Facebook account. But everytime I try to join the chat, it just continues to try to connect. I've left it on for a whole day once and it never connected. The chatroom is my favorite part of the LPU, so can someone PLEASE help me with this issue? Thanks.

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I just tried logging in and had no problem. Have you tried today? There has been some issues and the chat has been constantly fixed and changed. You might wanna try again now. You cannot log in using your tinychat account. You have to choose beween twitter or facebook.
I have the same problem! I can't connect to the new PLU chat either.. I've tried for several days, including today, but I still can't get in :(

Try now? and upload a screenshot please


I've the same problem :/
No change, the chat still won't let me sign in! And I've tried both twitter and facebook.. What's wrong?:(
Ask Adam... @heydudeimadam
I tried this morning, but I'll try it again and just leave it on til I go to bed. If it doesn't connect, I'll try adam...
Ok. I figured it out. I ended up having to use twitter. Apparently a lot of other people have been having problems logging in to tinychat with Facebook, so try twitter if you're also having issues.
I'm having the same problem in 3 different browsers...very frustrating! That's one of the best parts of LPU. I guess I will try using my twitter account to see if that works.
Woho, I'm able to connect to the new LPU chat! After several attempts, I finally got in using my twitter account.
Just stick to twitter
me 2...I've same problem with u...
I dont know how to connect t LPU chat....:(



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