Hi, I bought Songs From The Underground from best buy and it came with a free month trial to LPU but i don't know where to enter it. I don't even know if it'll work cause its 3 years old but i can't afford LPU and Chester is going to be on the video chat and I really really really want to talk to him. so if anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated!

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:'( thanks for letting me know
It'll Nt Work!!!

it is still working i think. stay here! i will let you know in couple of minutes!


Help is on the way.
Sorry Elizabeth, but as per LPU Admins, they are no longer accepting old free trials from LPU packages or Cd's. Sorry if you miss out on the chat.
oooohhh :'('  thanks for helping.......i guess i'll have to wait till i get money and can go to one of their concerts to talk to them :/
you can buy a monthly pass now and be part of the chat :(( it costs only 10$ though.
don't have any money :/
Sorry, nothing we can do :/

Elizabeth accept my friend request


ok by the way on another subject do you know when the lpc is going to be back?


there is not date set for the LPC to return, sorry.



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