Hi guys!
I have a question! Im LPU member, but my sister isn't. If I someday will decide that I going to LP concert and I will be chosen to go to M&G. Can I take my sis with my, if she isn't LPU member??? Cuz in LPTV I saw that there are lots of parent who came to M&G with their children, and I didn't think that they are so lucky, that they all family had chosed.

I will be waiting for answers! ;)

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Unfortunately no,  you can't . Your sister have to  be member LPU and  to be  selected to attend the M&G.

Hi Ugne,

Ive been lucky enough to have M&G twice. The first time was only 1 ticket so had to do that part alone then got to watch the concert with other people (friends and family) who had bought tickets. Second time was 2 ticets, so 1 for me and who I chose.

So basically it may be for 1 or 2 places, but you dont know till you apply for the show you bought tickets for.

Hope that helps? ;o)

No, you can´t. Just members under 14 have to come with an guardian.
Ok. Thanks for answers ;)
No, you can't..and i think that's right!
Actually, only selected LPU members can attend, and by themselves.

Like so many other people, I saw the parents with their children in LPTV episodes, and even had a few people tell me to put my LPU membership in my son's name so that we can attend together, because that's what they did.

Earlier this year, my son was selected for a M&G and I replied to the e-mail that I, his mother, would attend with him since he was under the age of 14. I received an e-mail back saying that they'd "make an exception this one time" since they had an extra spot, but in the future I need to read the rules better because only selected LPU members can attend, and can't bring "a guest" (yeah, because every parent should leave their underage child by themselves at a big busy concert). When I was finally able to get a hold of Adam about this issue months after the show, he told me the same thing - that kids under 14 need their parent/guardian's ID to get into the M&G, but the parent isn't actually allowed in with them.

So, bottom line: No matter what, only the one LPU member who has been selected for the M&G is allowed to attend.

Kira Idesheim said:
No, you can´t. Just members under 14 have to come with an guardian.
Even I had a question like this. This discussion helped me. Thanks, Ugne! And others. :)



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