Really broke my heart!
ok this maybe alittle late to discuss about that but i wanted to have your ideas about this
everybody remeber Mike's blog post about wiki page it said only for superfans when i read it i got somehow confused i mean what did he meant by superfans if we all werent huge fans of lp would we join his site any way but some days after i read the blog post i read sth else on mike's website it said lpu are superfans i mean when you read it , it calls only the lpu members the superfans i mean if i had a credit card i'd defenetly join the lpu cz it seems to be great but i cant and there's nothing i can do about and i'm it's the same way for many other fans also Linkin park has become one of the best events happened to me in my whole life and i've never liked any other band or celebrities like them , for me they're like very near people to me but i was really confused and broken hearted cz if i could i'd do anything for lp what's my fault?(for the lpu members i dnt mean anything bad , they're really superfans specially the ones who go to lpu summits i wish i could do the same, but what i mean hear is that we all love linkin park so much isnt it?)

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what mike meant were the people that have been following the band since hybrid theory, not merely LPUers. while a majority of those "superfans" are in LPU, there are a lot of them who aren't/left LPU for various reasons. it's not right to categorize all LPUers as superfans - some people just join LPU for presale opportunities and nothing else (hence why this year they have the $10/month, $60/yr option), and then there are others who have been around since the LPU's beginning and could definitely be considered superfans because of how much they've contributed to the community. i joined in LPU6, but definitely would've joined earlier if i was able to; yet, during the time before i was in LPU i was lurking around the LPMB and later posting and making friends there. i actually contributed the PS2 cheats for the frat party dvd to a big FAQ list that had been stickied there for the longest time.


i guess what i'm trying to say is that it's not being in LPU that makes you a superfan, it's how long you've been a fan and how you contribute to the LP community.  

Rellina, you know that Mike didn't mean to say that! He just means that a lot of superfans are in LPU, he just doesn't mention the ones who can't afford a membership. Neither does he mean only the people who've been fan since Hybrid Theory, I suppose; being a fan is not a matter of time, not a matter of money, nor activity on some fancub's website. Shoot me if I'm being cliché, but being a true fan lies in your heart, and not in your wallet; I'm sure Mike knows, we all know. I have only been a fan since 2005, I've been an LPU member since 2006, and I haven't got the time to spend much time on the forums, but does that make me less of a fan? No, of course not; glue the pieces of your heart together, dear, and have faith in our idols. Mike cannot mention every superfan, so he just mentions the matority, but that doesn't mean that he's forgotten about the exclusions, like you and me... Believe me, Mike loves all of his fans, and so do the other members! And if you feel that you are a superfan, you are one, because you are the only one who can say that of yourself. Now, don't be sad about it, and move on, okay? Every fan is unique!
the only thing he was getting at with the whole 'superfan' thing was for the people who follow him and the band and keep their wikipedia page up to date. That was why he answered the questions that he did: so he could relay some of the personal information on his wiki page that he felt could be added, changed, or removed. Nothing more or less than that

it was breaking my heart too...



you know me honey... i've been loved linkin park since 11 years ago, but i do believe that Mike never meant to hurt us...

he may be just wrote that to attracted the people who cares and could help him to edit the page :)


dont be worry... mike is always nice with the fans, and forever will always be :)




i can't afford LPU either :'/ thanks for the explanations :)


I understand your feelings. But I agree with Burning Daylight that "it's not being in LPU that makes you a superfan, it's how long you've been a fan and how you contribute to the LP community" and Mike clearly referenced to the fans who are doing outstanding work by creating, editing & updating the wiki page for him & when one who does this kind of stuff for band, promotes them online/offline LPST, volunteers for MFR etc etc are one of the people who deserves the appreciation & admiration.


But even I also feel that such tags like Superfans are unnecessary. Mike should not have used it. I have always been against of these tags like Superfan, Biggestfan etc. These tags creates divide. It's all about how one feels connected to the band. Even how long you've been a fan of band doesn't matter, the only things matters is how much one feels close to the band.


The thing which's most disturbing is how they name their album editions. 

-Minutes to Midnight Superfan edition

-A Thousand Sun Deluxe Fan edition 


what is that? Is it like if I purchase MTM superfan edition, then that identifies me as superfan but if I only settle for CD + DVD then I am not a superfan? I know that this interpretation is silly. But it sounds like that. Tagging it as superfan, deluxe fan creates divide between the fans who can afford 100$ & who can't. It can create an inferiority complex. I understand that Band wants to give their fans something exclusive by releasing such limited editions but why to give those tags? Why can't they just call it limited edition box set?


It's true that when one purchases albums/merchandise/concert tickets of his/her favorite band that means he/she supports that band & want that band to continue further but in merchandise purchase there shouldn't be any such tags. Money & time constraints are always there.



He was apparantly feeling bad about asking the fans to do work for him for free. So he only wanted to address the "superfans" who already do that kind of work voluntarily.   It's all to avoid offending people (which apparently is futile, judging by this thread), and offer acknowledgement to fans who are dealing with Wikipedia's red tape for his sake.


There's no winning for him when people take stuff like this and blow it this far out of proportion.  Besides, I was the only person who edited that page when he asked >_> But i got my cookie already.



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