Has anyone whose show was cancelled (and got their tix on linkinpark.com) heard anything from them on getting their refund yet??  I have tix to the CT show and havent heard a word yet on how theyre going to give me back my $$$$....  Wondering if Im the only one...?

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I didn't pay I just joined the free one and got presale tix on the third day. Thank god for that I guess!

I had a good seat 4 years ago but it wasnt good enough for how much i love the band so I joined so I could get GA tickets..im very aggrivated now, still no email saying my card was refunded.

I can't do GA cuz I'm too short to be able to see, but I literally got tix a. Few rows up right next to the stage. Ill never beat that! I'm so sad. And still nothing so I'm gonna start emailing, u should too!
im short too..so i get in the front..LOL now i just got an answer saying it will be processed today and i will get an email when this is done.
I got that too, I'm starting to think they're full of shit
i thnk so..its late at night and no email..
I was just thinking the same thing... I don't even know wtf to say or do
i guess if everyone starts threatening to call the BBB that might help. i want to call the news stations..LOL ok im being ridiculous but its what will happen eventually..
You're not being ridiculous at all, I threatened to call my lawyer (which I later realized was stupid for 300 bux they prob laughed) but all I got back was you'll get it today. Next step I threaten BBB and call my crredit card company to get that shit reversed!
sadly for me, its on my debit card..cant do much all this time later! i still dont see an email from them..Im going to check my bank.
Hi guys I haven't heard anything about a refund since the first notice about the cancellation, who do I email to get things going its been a week. Either give the money or a concert..
U have to email the ppl at topspin media... they're a bunk of idiots, keep giving ppl the same answer then nothinghappens.... there's not even a phone number to call. Last I emailed them they told me yesterday my refund would be processed that day and id get an email when it was done.... nothing....


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