Has anyone whose show was cancelled (and got their tix on linkinpark.com) heard anything from them on getting their refund yet??  I have tix to the CT show and havent heard a word yet on how theyre going to give me back my $$$$....  Wondering if Im the only one...?

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that was the only email I got too, from linkin park.com saying the show was cancelled, to download a showand wed be hearing about our refund in a few days. Since then I've been harassing topspin and can't get a straight answer. Finally Friday they said id get my refund that day and I never did.
I just got the first two. Nothing else. And I just emailed Topspin. And I will continue to do so until I get my refund. Meanwhile, I can't give my friends their money back until I get my money back, so, currently, we're all out $76. -.-;;
Yeah the only reason I got the email from them Friday was bc I was bugging them, but clearly they lied to me...
They still haven't answered my emails from fri and sat and I still don't have my money back

I've run out of patience. Does anyone know how whom to write at LP management? Topspin is ignoring us. I'm going to start a new Discussion on the Forum that appears on the front page.

a moderator posted something on the original Mohegan cancellation thread that we are refunded today and that it will take 3-5 days to hit our CC's.
Yeah someone responded to me yest finally that we were refunded so well see if our money shows up. They never sent a mass email to everyone about it tho...
ive gotten those emails all week stating we will be refunded.. i just dont beleive any of it till i see it..they are totally ignoring me at topspin now..LOL but at least the moderators post gives me some hope.
I got an email last night from a Melissa saying the refunds have been sent out and will take 3-5 business days to process. I'll believe it when I see it. >.>

i used a debit card..should not take 5 days..my bank puts all credits through right away. if they sent it today i should have it tommorro..ha..talk about stalling.

They e-mailed me back after I sent 2 more emails, and told me that the refund was done and that it would take 3-5 business days.  And just in case they were talking s***, I asked them for a receipt and they sent it to me.  So it sounds like our e-mails are working, but Im about to call my bank to see.  I'll let you all know soon..
yea, i got another response again today..same exact response, and it said mine was done yesterday..so far nothing bank wise. my email to her was so bad im surprised she answered me! LOL



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