Has anyone whose show was cancelled (and got their tix on linkinpark.com) heard anything from them on getting their refund yet??  I have tix to the CT show and havent heard a word yet on how theyre going to give me back my $$$$....  Wondering if Im the only one...?

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the fan club is refusing to answer me properly..they cut and pasted our original cancellation notice for mohegan and sent that. ive had it with this club..paid 60 bucks, couldnt go to the boston show because of the snow and lost all that money because they refused to cancel, then my only other chance is cancelled and cant get our money back..that is alot of money for me..at least ticketmaster refunds almost right away. no more fan club for me if we dont get refunded asap.
I got the same response, they keep saying to wait a few days and copied and pasted what I already knew about the free download I don't care about- what's a few?? I'm tryin not to stress but hope I didn't just lose out on a lot of money.......

oh my god, are you guys serious? if i don't hear by thursday, i'll let you know. if more people don't get refunds within the next few weeks, we could easily call the BBB (better business bureau) and have them deal with topspin. 


i also want to know what they're planning to do to make up for us not getting our show. if they think giving us something like a free 1-month trial of LPUX is going to cover not having our show, they have no idea. i'm personally sick of being pushed around like we have been the past few days. i totally understand them waiting to cancel shows and everything, and i certainly don't blame chester for this at all. but not knowing about our refund, when people spent at least $100 to get tickets, find transportation, and figure out lodging for the shows and TICKETMASTER gives refunds right away, is completely absurd. 

ok i got an email saying by the end of this week i should be refunded, which hopefully means all of us from these shows. i think they were trying to reschedule and in CT they couldnt get a new date. they should tell us these things so we dont think we are getting stalled on purpose.
Who'd you get the email from, I still haven't gotten anything? Do they plan to just charge our cards back? I don't think they were trying to resched CT at all because the second they cancelled ppl got their money back from ticketmaster.
I got the email as a reply after i kept emailing them..LOL hopefully they just charge the card back. i honestly cant see why they couldnt reschedule, but maybe its because they are headed over seas later on. If i dont get my money back by next week i will bug them endlessly.
Lol I, with you on that! They will wish I didn't have their email.
you should start now, since they havent told you anything yet..the more people, the faster the refund maybe? LOL
I'm going to! :) let u know what I hear back
Ok so I just got: your refund should be processed by the end of the week, you will receive an email once this happens..... we will see I guess....

Was her name barbara? thats exactly what I got from her. Ive talked to her before on a separate problem and she seems to be the only one who wants to respond properly!

Yhahaha yes it was! I emailed back someone else-a miranda- yesterday and she didn't even reply!



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