Hey guys!


I just created a new quiz.


You got 10 EXPERT Linkin Park questions that you must aswer.


I say expert because they really are expert questions ;)


Answer the quiz, it's short and post your result on this discussion jsut to see who really knows Linkin Park well!


Click on this link to start it!



Google is forbidden!



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i got 7 of 9...i know there was one i definitely didn't know (the one about the lawyer cabinet that convinced mike to get chester into the band), but i dunno what the other one was...
Your score is supposed to be written after you've finished the quiz...
Cool. Some of that stuff I actually didn't know. I got a 6 out of 9. Unfortunately I didn't know #9: BONUS: Which song is offered to every people who join LPUX right now? Where do I get this song?????
Normally you're supposed to be able to get it for free from your e-mail or LP download site...
I didn't get it from either...or at least I can't find it on the LP download site.
Aced it!
7 of 9, but PASSED :D



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