Hey fellow LPU'rs as the title suggets i'm having majour problems with getting into the chat and by the looks of it im not the only one... as many of you know there was ment to be a chat with Chester today. and this being my first chat i was very excited but surprise surprise my chat doesnt work!!! so whats wrong with it?? i dont know!! i log in and it just tells me the date of the next chat, and me not knowing any better figured this was normal untill i read the page saying "24hrs a day" and went ok well... where the hell is the other chat windows!!!??? amd yes i tried refreshing my page browser etc but it still doesnt work so um any suggestions??

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The chat has crashed 3 times by far. There were 500 people at a certain point, so I think we should simply #blametinychat or all the people who kept on spamming... nothing you can do. I think it is over now anyway... I hope you made it in for a while though ;)
I was following the chat... I think the problem was there were so many people on line... :(
[1:53] adamlpuhq: Working on it. Sorry guys.
[1:54] adamlpuhq: TinyChat has been updating a TON of their software lately, so its probably because of that

didnt even get in.... at all meh taking it out with a bit of hybrid theory and meteora =)


adamlpuhq: TinyChat has been updating a TON of their software lately, so its probably because of that

I have to say that I totally share in your frustration and disappointment- I have been trying to BUY a membership since Friday and my computer has not been cooperating with me and then when I realized I was to late to get in on the chat with chester I really lost it !!!!! I decided to go on my I POD and quess what..... I was able to purchase everything on that but of course can't download anything!!!! It can only happen to me..... I hope they get all the kinks worked out before any other cool things come up>gotta go try some more things out since I am a really NEW member

First, please calm down. :)


You are trying to get into lpu.linkinpark.com/chat right? that is the members-only chat and the chat where chester was today.


Second, as Rossi pointed out, there was nothing we could do about the chat crashing.  It is because TC was updating their system at the worst possible time.


Finally, please no swearing or I will have to delete all your posts in this thread - further rule breaking will result in a ban from LP.com (please read the Guidelines)

thats the thing i'am i member and i wasnt angry more annoyed then anything and i actually didnt swear..


oh whoops that was actually a spelling error i ment to say pitch sorry about that i mut of hit the wrong key honestly i only just realised when you pointed it out =(

correction sorry every one
caitlin clifford said:

yeah i cant stand first the chat was rescheduled and i got up at like 5.30am in the pitch dark because i live in Australia and got the memo a bit to late..




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