Ever since linkinpark was created i loved them... But now that their new music came out..i don't like it very much. Im hoping they start back up with their old music! <> like hybrid theory... don't wright me bad reply's


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Just shows they are a long term band evolving, listed to Zepplin, Bowie, The Damned, styles change over the years and it gives you songs to match your mood, now lets just look at that limp band that kept the same sound......
for me,, A Thousand Suns is very awesome ,,
what have they do with the sound,, its make me feels,, so much thoughts..
i think,,"what? LP has changed the type of the sound?its so great!! so they have another thoughts about some kinda music! they r not monotonous,,they have so much think and brilliant idea to make a different sounds!!"
for me,, thats fuckin awesome,,more than awesome..and,, i really appreciate their hard work to making this GREAT album,,,
how many SWEAT they has throw when they sing in the studio with an earphone or mic? how many THINGS they has throw when they wrote the lyrics? how many time they has been wasted when they go to the studio,,using their sleep time to made this album..? how many ENERGY they has SOLD OUT to make the point of this amazing album?
i really thought about that,, and i accepted what have they did with their new things..
they have a power to be a different ,,
thats why i love LP..
until now :)
This is not my favorite LP album, but i feel its their best album. Does that make sense? I think all LP fans look at Hybrid Theory as a top 5 album of all time. But what makes ATS " The Album" its because we see our band growing and making great music. IT would be totally easy for LP to make songs just like the ones in Hybrid Theory and Meteroa. But it would be repetitive. This is what makes them great. Its like they threw away the rules of music and recreated it. Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Linkin Park did things different. My favorite songs on ATS is IRIDESCENT. Its simply a masterpiece. EVen if you dont speak english the music alone can move you. I hope their next album will be something that will surprise us again.
for me, if u'r LP's-forever-fan.. u'll just accept any kind of songs that they make.. coz at the end of the day, u'll know/realize that they are just some band that LOVE to create music doesn't matter what their genres are.. (^_~)
I have been a massive LP fan forever, mainly for the heavy guitar of Brad and Phoenix and Chester's amazing voice (don't know how he does a whole concert and still has a voice in at the end!!) , but I must say I am very disappointed with the new album........Too soft and not enough Brad and Phoenix and too much Mr Hahn and Chester needs to get angry!.....Sorry guys, I don't mean to offend and I would like it if someone else was playing it........Its just not the LP that I have loved for many years.............Maybe next time
LP's music has evolved. No question. And by evolved, I don't mean that it has gotten better or worse...just changed as they have. I love a ton of their stuff, but the new album speaks to me. I think the difference is that the album is meant to be heard as an album, not as individual songs. There is a creative message there that is new for LP. It is similar to the rock operas of the 70's & 80's. I put Hybrid Theory on when I want to pump it up! Thousand Suns is my new workout music...It has really grown on me. Chester's vocal range and Mike's writing are truly a combination. I see only more good stuff coming from these guys! - I am a Fan!
Sounds totally different to me but I'm getting used to their new style.
The new album is quite different from their other works, as well as other works are different form their predcessors, but I still like the new one as well the older ones. By listenning to it you can easy recognize that it is LP, and not any other band, and I really like them for being so different, they would never let you down.
Album shows that thay aren't stuck in one particular style, but trying to create what they like and think is awesome. Notice that their albums are mix of so many genres and they are doing a great job by puting it all together.
Its a very great album :)



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