Do you think that they change alot , and if so , is it good or bad?

What is your favourite change so far?

What do you think?!


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What make them so special is the fact that what ever they do they do it well, and their music touches your soul. I love every thing that they have ever done!!!
yes,, LP change a lot,,, and for me,, thats very cooll and brilliant.. know why?
cuz they have something new to share with us! their fans!!
for me, they have so much quality as good as so far..
then for me, what do they did with the new sounds, its made so feels like,"OMG,, this is LP? they are sooooooooo wonderful as usual!"

and i love the changing,, i love the new sound, the new type of the songs, the new music, i love the way they did that song.. i love what have they done with the sound..
and i think,, its very very very very great!! more than great,,more than amazing,,more than anything!!

Bruno Magalhaes da Mata said:
I agree with you Samantha in part, the lyrics are very deep, but are not well accepted by all, and if they want to carry a message to all, you have to do what everyone likes.

Ps. The world will never be the EMOS.

sorry, but trying to do what everyone likes is called selling out and there is no such thing as "do what everyone likes" because everyone has a different taste. So I don't think they will tread that path anytime soon. And many people DO like the album, believe it or not, so saying the lyrics are not well accepted by all is kinda off. In a way, the album connects with those who are more into a balance of art and sound. You can say you hate the album, everyone has an opinion, yes? but in the point of view of musicians and artists this album is very well crafted. There's variety, something in it for everyone, and they mix and compliment each other.

Artists express their emotions and feelings through Music. It is what makes music beautiful and something you could relate to. I don't know what you mean by "the world will never be the EMOS" but Linkin Park has always been expressive with their lyrics even on Hybrid theory, actually, they are more expressive and agressive on hybrid theory.
What I meant by "The world will never be emos" valkriz, preciza does not change the knack of making the music to fit in today's society and if we look at the amount of bands of the same year that burst Linkin Park with the styles and New Metal Nu Metal is a considerable number and that continued until today are successful to this day, and Linkin Park that led to the band that sold more discs in this decade were the styles and Nu Metal New Metal, then we can see without being on the commercial side that Linkin Park made an extraordinary success with its old style and that even now there seems to be the same with the new, as fashion is only momentary and Good songs are remembered forever.

Even if they put the soul in what they do and have matured over time, they can still play and sing as young and have the older people who already follow the do not give up.

I respect every one I like, but the music they play at every show and "One Step Closer" and she is the first album that is Nu Metal is a hit even today.
Until someone finally posted something that fits with my thoughts, thanks Kenneth.



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