It's sooo hard to choose one, but if I had to, it would have to be "forfeit the game before somebody else takes you out of the frame, and puts your name to shame, cover up your face, you can't run the race, the pace is too fast, you just won't last!" from points of authority!!!

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I agree, it is soooo hard to choose one. I couldn't, so hope you don't mind me putting down a few???!

From the latest album, I'd say my favourites are:

Burning in the Skies


I'm swimming in the smoke of bridges I have burned, so don't apologize, I'm losing what I don't deserve’ (because I've been there)

When They Come For Me

(Brilliant rhyme, I reckon)

Waiting for the End

‘… you listen through the tone & the violent rhythm & though the words sound steady, something empty's within 'em' (I totally agree)



When you were standing in the wake of devastation, when you were waiting on the edge of the unknown & with the cataclysm raining down, insides crying, "Save me now," you were there impossibly alone’


Do you feel cold & lost in desperation? You build up hope but failure's all you've known? Remember all the sadness & frustration & let it go’ (because I'm just coming out of feeling like this)

The Messenger


When you feel you're alone, cut off from this cruel world, your instincts telling you to run, listen to your heart,those angel voices – they'll sing to you, they'll be your guide back home’


When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind, it keeps us kind’


When you've suffered enough & your spirit is breaking, you're growing desperate from the fight, remember you're loved & you always will be’ (I have found it's true about the 'angel voices', these are lovely lyrics)


Older faves are:

Given Up

(The whole song, esp.:)


Wake in a sweat again, another day's been laid to waste in my disgrace. Stuck in my head again, feels like I'll never leave this place, there's no escape – I'm my own worst enemy’


I've given up, I'm sick of feeling. Is there nothing you can say? Take this all away, I'm suffocating. Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me?!’

‘Thought I was focused, but I'm scared, I'm not prepared. I hyperventilate, looking for help, somehow, somewhere & no one cares.’


Put me out of my misery! ('cause sometimes I wish someone would just put me out of my misery - but then I come good again ;))


Leave Out All The Rest


When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. Don't resent me, & when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest’ (I'd love people to let go of the bad things I've done and just hold on to the good)

What I've Done


let mercy come & wash away...’


Put to rest what you thought of me while I clean this slate with the hands of uncertainty’


I'll start again & whatever pain may come, today this ends: I'm forgiving what I've done’ ('cause this is what I need to do)

Hands Held High


Sick of the dark ways we march to the drumming…List something, take back what's yours, say something that you know they might attack you for 'cause I'm sick of being treated like I had before, like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for, like this war's really just a different brand of war, like it doesn't cater to rich & abandon poor. Like they understand you … when you can't put gas in your tank, asking you to have the passion & have some respect
for a leader…’


In my living room watching it, I am not laughing 'cause when it gets tense, I know what might happen. The world is cold, the bold men take action…At 10 years old, it's something to see another kid my age drugged under a Jeep, taken & bound & found later under a tree - I wonder if he had thought 'the next one could be me’…
It's ironic, at times like this you'd pray but a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday…
…"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die"’


With hands held high into a sky so blue, as the ocean opens up to swallow you’ (very important lyrics, I reckon)


Valentine's Day


my path has lost direction somehow’ ('cos that's how I felt)


My longtime favourites are:



(The whole song, esp.:)


I'm tired of being what you want me to be…I don't know what you're expecting of me…Every step that I take is another mistake to you’

I've become so numb’… ‘all I want to do is be more like me & be less like you’

But I know I may end up failing too, but I know you were just like me with someone disappointed in you’ (because I totally related to this song)

Breaking The Habit

(The whole song, esp.:)

I don't want to be the one the battles always choose 'cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused’

I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate & say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright’ (because I felt like the battles always chose/choose me too, though maybe a different sort?)

Figure 09


(the whole song, esp.)


I put all the pain you gave to me on display but didn't realize, instead of setting it free, I took what I hated & made it a part of me’

‘You've become a part of me, you'll always be my fear. I can't separate myself from what I've done. I've given up a part of me, I've let myself become you’ (because I relate)

Hit The Floor


people have tried to look inside of me, wondering what I think of you & I protect you out of courtesy. Too many times that I've held on when I needed to push away, afraid to say what was on my mind, afraid to say what I need to say. Too many things that you've said about me when I'm not around - you think having the upper hand means you've got to keep putting me down’


So many people like me put so much trust in all your lies, so concerned with what you think to just say what we feel inside. So many people like me walk on eggshells all day long. All I know is that all I want is to feel like I'm not stepped on. There are so many things you say that make me feel like you've crossed the line’

‘One minute you're on top, the next you're not, missed your shot … You think you won & then it's all gone’


I know I'll never trust a single thing you say - you knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway & all the lies have got you floating up above us all, but what goes up has got to fall’ (same as for 'From The Inside')

From The Inside

I don't know who to trust, no surprise… Heavy thoughts sift through dust & the lies’

trying to put my trust in you just takes so much out of me’

I swear for the last time, I won't trust myself with you’

Tension is building inside, steadily… Heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me’

I won't trust myself with you, I won't waste myself on you’ (I felt/feel this about someone important in my younger life)

Easier To Run


It's easier to run, replacing this pain with something numb. It's so much easier to go, than face all this pain here all alone’


Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past, bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have. Sometimes I think of letting go & never looking back & never moving forward so there would never be a past’ (because I wished I could just run from it all but found it didn't do me any good as a person)


Just washing it aside, all of the helplessness inside…is so much simpler than change’


Points of Authority



You love the way I look at you, while taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through. You take away if I give in…my life, my pride is broken’


You love the things I say I'll do - the way I'll hurt myself again just to get back at you’


You like to think you're never wrong. You want to act like you're someone. You want someone to hurt like you. You want to share what you've been through. (You live what you learn)’ (again, I relate entirely to this)

When i look into your eyes..theres nothing there to see..nothing but my own mistakes staring back @ me asking why???????? ~p5hNg me aWY~
Ah! I love it! jst reading those lyrics makes my very soul ecstatic!

Lesley Gillett said:

Hands Held high

fuck that, I wanna see some fists pumping
List something, take back what's yours
Say something that you know they might attack you for
'Cause I'm sick of being treated like I had before
Like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for
Like this war's really just a different brand of war
Like it doesn't cater to rich and abandon poor
Like they understand you, in the back of their jet
When you can't put gas in your tank, these fuckers
Are laughing their way to the bank, and cashing their check
Asking you to have the passion and have some respect

Mine at the moment have to be from Iridescent, especially in the wake of the devastation in the Horn of North Africa and breaks my heart and these words just speak to me:

"When you were standing in the wake of devastation
when you were waiting on the edge of the unknown
with the cataclysm raining down, insides crying save me now
you were there and possibly alone.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation
you build up hope but failures all you've known
remember all the sadness and frustration
and let it go, let it go."


when they come for me... i'll be gone" <--- ;D!!
LP uses meaningful lyrics in all their songs...its hard to pick any..but NUMB touched me and d lyrics goes thus "can't you see that you re smouldering me,holding too tightly,afraid to lose control cos everything that you thought i would be is falling apart,right in front of you "..these lyrics change me 4eva.
Do you see the soldiers they're out today
They brush the dust from bullet proof vests away
It's ironic at times like this you pray
But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday
There's bombs in the buses, bikes, roads
Inside your market, your shops, your clothes
My dad he's got a lot of fear I know
But enough pride inside not to let that show
My brother had a book he would hold with pride
A little red cover with a broken spine
On the back, he hand-wrote a quote inside
When the rich wage war it's the poor who die
Meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay
And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day
both scared and angry like "what did he say?"
"God Bless Us Everyone We're A Broken People Living Under Loaded Gun And It Can't Be Outfought. It Can't Be Outdone. It Can't Be Outmatched. It Can't Be Outrun No."
All of their songs mean so much to me but.........Numb, Iridescent, The Messenger, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside, Pushing Me Away, My December, In the End, Somewhere I Belong......these have special meaning for me and they have helped me so much. =') I hope they never stop writing music. I don't care what it sounds like, I will always support them. =) LP forever.



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