for me is HYBRID THEORY in spite there are lots of good songs in other albums, what about u?

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In my opinion i gotta say a thousand suns for how unique and hows the sounds of each song is awesome in its own seperate way with the fact that each song plays its role with one another. but this is my opinion

Well, "In the End" remains my favorite song of all, but I'd have to say that their albums just get more and more awesome as time goes on.

Hybird theory was the best of all, I think nothing beats the ease that they had to make their message reach the ears of the people, not to mention that it was he who launched Linkin Park to be the success it is today.

i would say 'A Thousand Suns' because it basically has music from when they first stared all the way through and adding more sounds as well

All the Linkin Park Albums....



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