I prefer IN THE END because it was one of their firsts songs what about u?


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A lot, but if I have to name one it has to be Points of authority. I can't get over the fact that it is so awesome.
It changes every day, cuz the lyrics and the emotional overtone have special meaning to me, depending on what I'm going through. Right now it's Waiting for the End. Had a recent run with Figure.09 and played it over and over. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
There are so many great songs difficult to have because a favorite, but I hear for the time, Waiting for the End, Pushing me away, and many others.. :)
right now it's Crawling and Numb but like alice said it changes depending on how you're feeling inside.
There's a lot of songs,points of authority,hit the floor,high voltage,place for my head,.........

All time fave is Faint. It has been my ring tone for years and people wonder why it takes me so long to answer ;) Its just cause Im listening/ singing.

I also have the seasonal faves that get heavy play for a while at the moment its Waiting for the End and Blackout.

Hybrid Theory - In The End

Reanimation - By_Myslf

Meteora - Faint

Minutes to Midnight - Hands Held High

A Thousand Suns - Wretches and Kings

I love them all, but my favorite would have to be "A Place For My Head." Off the new CD I'd have to say Iridescent

My favourite song of 2010 is Iridescent.

My Favourite of 'all time' is One Step Closer. It always helps me through tough times.

"Shut up when I'm talking to you!!" <-- so true

That would have to be In The End followed by Faint hmmmmm then Numb.

Ooooh, I'm listening to In the End right now :) it was that song that made me fall in love with them. However, By Myself is probably my favourite.



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