Which Linkin Park's Song that can make your tears running down uncontrollably ?? ( or song u can relate to)


I had a dark past,, and still trying to cope it (my traumatic experience , shame and anger)

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So many.... :)
And the best for me is My December, because it's related to my time of the year! *My brithday :)
DAT IZ waiting for the end........HEARing this,a wish had created behind me tosing it in a cncrt with linkin buddyyzzzz........
For me "Given up"....and"Runaway"..."Somewhere i belong"..when i've split up with my girlfriend.....they helped me very much

I cried when I first heard Numb and it still makes me cry today.

Then it's No Roads Left

in pieces
in pieces
The requiem..it has a deep meanin that we dnt recognise,bt its THE TRUTH in simple terms.al LP songs r touchin though.
Little things give you away :D

SHADOW OF THE DAY, without a doubt the words are deep and hurt. My bestie died at age of 34 unexpectedly and this song just the moment perfect. It reminds me of "Tiff" and always will. 

"sometimes solutions aren't so simple, sometimes goodbye's the only way" Pink cards and flowers on your window, your friends all plead for you to stay. Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple, sometimes goodbye's the only way. And the sun will set for you, the sun will set for you, And the shadow of the day, will embrace the world in grey, and the sun will set for you." 

Now tell me if those words aren't deep and moving and they Bring ME to tears..... smh

hands held high, it speaks so many things that i believe, and have happen to me.. its unreal..

I'm still waiting but I have not receiveany mail



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