Simple enough Street Soldiers :P

What'd ya get?

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just the bonus pass for me, couldn't afford the premier. I've already got most of the lpu albums though, i'm hoping for lpu6 or if god loved me that much lpu1 (i know it aint happening).
I got the bonus package, bonus items: LPU4.0 Tshirt and LPU7.0 CD Same as what i got with LPU8.0 lol
Regular 9.0 package. Just recently got it in the mail, love all of it. ^^
my bonus pass package arrived lhis week, with lpu 3 shirt and lpu 7 cd -.- . now i wish i'd have chosen the vinyl package ..
I got the premier pass

LPU 9 Vinyl #86/1000
LPU 3 Shirt, Ironic cause thats the year I first joined =)
LPU 5 Sticker
LPU 7 CD,shoelaces,and carbiner.

They forgot my PATCH!!!

NOTE: If anyone else has a wrong shirt size or missing items from their packages you need to contact "ADAM" from LPHQ,you may find him on the LPU site, Email or Leave a PM. He's really busy so it may take awhile.
@ Viet1982 i think alot of ppl didn't recievet the patch of LPU09
i only got the T-shirt,cd & guitar pick(or what ever it's called:D)
& ofc the Vinyl ect
I joined in August last year but i never got my package, even e-mailed to let them know and still haven't heard anything back.
i got the LPU8 and 9.. They are amazing...
the bonus package ... I don't need the vinyls since I don't have the machine to play them ...
i don't have a machine to play them:D
just gonna hang it on my wall as decoration.

mars_1030 said:
I don't need the vinyls since I don't have the machine to play them ...
lol im prolly as hardcore LP fan as all of you but i only got Bonus Pass. i'm brown.........and currently 15...without a job my parents were not gonna spend $97. I'm still waiting :D
A week ago, I received the regular 9.0 package and it's really awesome.
Generally as they say that it takes around 8-10 weeks to arrive and I am an international member.

But I got the package in less then 4 weeks!

Good work LPUHQ.




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