Simple enough Street Soldiers :P

What'd ya get?

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I got the regular 9.0 package..... waiting for it to arrive though :) God lpu 7 & 8 at Best Buy really spoiled me ^_^
Got my Vinyl with number 768 - but both shirts (LPU9 and LPU3) in Size S :> Will give it to my little sister ^^
I just got the regular one, money is short! I'd love to have one of the vinyls though.

This is my first time as an LPU member though... maybe I'll get a better package next year :P
I Got the LPU9 Premier Pass and i love it alot
I got the premier pass, vinyl # 850 :)
I got the Premier Pass again this year, and I love it. My Vinyl is 898.
I got the Premier Pass with vinyl # 188 :D

had to go all out and get the premier pass. vinyl number 977
got the premier pass ... waiting for it to arrive though
I went with Premier Pass, have vinyl no.0750. Looks awesome!
Premier pass:D
love the vinyl still need to hang it up:d
Nummer 386 ftw:D



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