Let me know who is going!


There will be a LPLive.net meeting, maybe we can do a LPU meeting before the concert!

If you are interessed in that, leave me a message here or on my page and i will come with a LPU Member sign to the concert, to talk about LPU and stuff like that


check out LPA: They made an AWESOME tshirt!!! "Try the Ketchup Motherf*cker" :D


so far



See you in Summer guys




PS: What do you think of putting something like a flag on stage from Hamburg? Someone can give it to the guys at the M&G! (Hopefully i will be choosen to give them the flag)

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i go to munich can lp make a meetngreet at munich at the 25 june?

As you already know, I'll be there ;-)

Hopefully there will be a M&G so that we could give something special to the guys. As for the flag, it's gonna be a French one. No I'm kidding.  

I`m in Hamburg.. And I want the m&G!!!
Will be in Hamburg too, and SO hoping to get to the M&G :)

haha isabelle ;) a french flag? :D

BTW: are you coming alone or with Husband/kids?

Can you bring me bottle of Orangina from France? :) i love this stuff and its hard to find here where i live :(


Everybody is hoping for a meet and greet ^^

DEAN: at every show - there is a meet and greet!

@ Alex I'm coming to Hamburg with my 18 year old son. He's really in a hurry to meet you, just like me actually ;-)

I'll bring you a bottle of Orangina with great pleasure :D

Hopefully we'll get better than a simple M&G; A German summit as part of the Projekt Revolution would be much better, wouldn't it? Let's cross fingers ^^

Agree :D
Hey. I'm going. I'll be travelling from Poland. Am trying to sign up for the M&G as well. Will u sign up as well. Would be lovely to meet before the show. :) This will be my 5th LP concert and I cannot wait!!!! How many will u attend? See you
I'll going too. It's my second LP concert and I hope it will be great. Is there anything about a M&G in Hamburg?
Nothing is sure about the M&G in Hamburg but we all hope it will be. I'm hoping for a summit to be honest :)))



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