give me one good reason why do you guys like lp?

and add a little more comment..about this band.

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because they are freacking amazin dude!!1 jajajaja they rock!!!
Why? Because... I mean, what a tough question! It was kind of a revelation, a violent flash through my head, heart and soul when I heard One Step Closer first. Generally speaking, LP lyrics talk to me to various extends... about my life, feelings, good and/ or bad experiences. I love Chester's tortured soul. I'm feeling quite the same all the time! He's a fantastic frontman. Mike, BBB, Phoenix, Joe and Rob are extraordinary too. The 6 of them form a genuine and unique identity. They're ONE on stage with their fans in front of them
Why not listen to lp CHESTER RULES
Because I want to like one band and want to like more styles and sounds...
Linkin park was one of the first contemporary bands id ever heard, I was raised on classical music and 50s rock, Linkin park just is one of those bands that i will always like,
i don't know about anybody else but lp is the shit because u can put any of their cds in and listen to it from start to get some hard stuff you get some mellow stuff.they got a little something for everybody and if u can't appreciate the diversity of what they do then your not a fan of music
Whatever kind music they make, metal, rock, hip hop, elektro, ... It always sounds good.
Linkin Park doesn't need an explanation, because THEY ARE THE EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO LINKIN PARK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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