I would like everyone to post their top 15 LP songs ( I know it's hard, but try hard (: ) so I can see how you think and make a list of LP top 15 by fans. I will mix your top 15 lists and make a final list of LP's top 15 songs. So guys get busy! :) I've made little changes in my top 15, and I will wait 'till this discussion reaches 50 replies and make new LP top 15 songs by fans! :)


Here is my LP top 15 songs list :

15.Waiting for the end/Iridescent/The messenger


13.Leave out all the rest/Valentine's day

12.Points of authority

11.Bleed it out

10.Breaking the habit


8.Given up


6.In the end

5.A place for my head


3.From the inside

2.Figure .09

1.One step closer


LP <3 !

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2.Bleed it Out

3.In The End

4.One Step Closer

5.Waiting for the End

6.When They Come For Me

7.P5hng Me A*wy

8.High Voltage




12.Given Up

13.A Place for my Head

14.Somewhere I Belong

15.Breaking the Habit

1.In The End

2.One Step Closer


4.New Divide

5.Breaking The Habit

6.What I've Done

7.Leave Out All The Rest



10.Burning In The Skies


12.The Catalyst

13.Hit The Floor

14.Somewhere I Belong


1. Waiting for the End

2. Given Up

3. When They Come for Me

4. In the End

5. A Place for My Head

6. Wretches and Kings

7. Lying From You

8. Blackout

9. Faint

10. No More Sorrow

11. Numb

12. Bleed it Out

13.  In Between

14. Points of Authority

15. One Step Closer


1. When They Come For Me

2. Leave Out All The Rest

3. Numb

4. In Between

5. From The Inside

6. Nobody's Listening

7. Easier To Run

8. Somewhere I Belong

9. With You

10. Pushing Me Away

11. New Divide

12. Session

13. Runaway

14. No More Sorrow

15. Figure 09



Hope you like it... 



With You... LP's Daughter =)

I just realised the name of the song with the Asian-sounding music at the beginning, I never knew it because I always missed that first word and thought it started 'I am a little bit of loneliness': so I'm going to have to amend my list to include it:


1. Iridescent
2. Numb
3. Burning in the Skies
4. Leave Out All The Rest
5. What I've Done
6. Hands Held High
7. Points of Authority
8. Breaking The Habit
9. Easier To Run
10. The Messenger
11. Figure 09
12. Waiting for the End
13. From The Inside
14. Faint
15. Hit The Floor

Aaralyn D said:

Tentatively I'll say these are my top 15 (Session would possibly be my 16th - I love that music) :


1. Iridescent
2. Numb
3. Burning in the Skies
4. Leave Out All The Rest
5. What I've Done
6. Hands Held High
7. Points of Authority
8. Breaking The Habit
9. Easier To Run
10. The Messenger
11. Figure 09
12. Waiting for the End
13. From The Inside
14. Given Up
15. Hit The Floor



1. No Roads Left

2. Shadow of the Day

3. Breaking the Habit

4. Across the Line

5. In Pieces

6. Pushing Me Away

7. In Between

8. The Catalyst

9. Krwlng

10. Hands Held High

11. The Little Things Give You Away

12. With You

13. A Place For My Head

14. Not Alone

15. Blackbirds


It wasn't that hard for me because I know these songs mean a lot more than the other ones for me. I would have put a lot of Dead By Sunrise / Grey Daze if I could though :P

Ok guys I decided to make Final LP top 15 by fans and here it is :

15.Faint (Meteora)

14.Breaking The Habit (Meteora)

13.Figure .09 (Meteora)

12.Bleed It Out (Minutes to Midnight)

11.New Divide (Minutes to Midnight)

10.Nor More Sorrow (Minutes To Midnight)

9.Somewhere I Belong (Meteora)

8.The Catalyst (A Thousand Suns)

7.Iridescent (A Thousand Suns)

6.One Step Closer (One Step Closer)

5.GIven Up (Minutes To Midnight)

4.In The End (Hybrid Theory)

3.Numb (Meteora)

2.Papercut (Hybrid Theory)

1.WHEN THEY COME FOR ME (A Thousand Suns)

Cool, sounds good! :)


And I can't believe, I don't own New Divide yet (it's not on my version of Minutes To Midnight), but listened on web (heard on radio at work but not clearly enough to hear more than a few words) and realised all the words, and the words are so where I'm at right now! So well articulated, thankyou Chester, you've helped me a lot right now with those words. :) Peace to you, and everyone else here,



15.When They Come For Me

14.What I've Done

13.Lying From Me

12.The Messenger


10.The Catalyst

9.One Step Closer

8.In The End 


6.Burning In The Skies

5.New Divide

4.Wretches And Kings 


2.Waiting For The End


1. in the end

2. when they come for me

3. pushing me away

4. valentines day

5. hands held high

6. iridescent

7. blackout

8. numb

9. easier to run

10. shadow of the day

11. new divide

12. hit the floor

13. wretches and kings

14. by myself

15. with you

1. Papercut

2. The Catalyst

3. Iridescent

4. Points of Authority

5. Breaking the Habit

6. Figure.09

7. By Myself

8. Numb

9. In The End

10. Burning In the Skies

11. Waiting for the End

12. Across the Line (Underground 9 Demos)

13. Pretend To Be (Underground X Demos)

14. Pushing Me Away

15. Hands Held High

1. Pushing me away

2. Waiting for the end

3. Somewhere i belong

4. Papercut

5. With you

6. A place for my head

7. In pieces

8. Breaking the habit

9. Lying from you

10. In the end

11. New divide

12. Blackout

13. The messenger

14. Numb.

15. Faint



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