I would like everyone to post their top 15 LP songs ( I know it's hard, but try hard (: ) so I can see how you think and make a list of LP top 15 by fans. I will mix your top 15 lists and make a final list of LP's top 15 songs. So guys get busy! :) I've made little changes in my top 15, and I will wait 'till this discussion reaches 50 replies and make new LP top 15 songs by fans! :)


Here is my LP top 15 songs list :

15.Waiting for the end/Iridescent/The messenger


13.Leave out all the rest/Valentine's day

12.Points of authority

11.Bleed it out

10.Breaking the habit


8.Given up


6.In the end

5.A place for my head


3.From the inside

2.Figure .09

1.One step closer


LP <3 !

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Heres mine:

1 Numb
2 A place for my head
3 One step closer
4 Breaking the habit
5 Runaway
6 Dont stay
7 Somewhere i belong
8 Leave out all the rest
9 Little things give you away
10 What I done
11 Blackout
12 Roads untraveled
13 Powerless
14 Castle of glass
15 Bleed it out

1. Papercut
2. Hands Held High
3. The Catalyst
4. My December
5. Figure .09
6. In The End
7. Burn it down
8. Breaking the habit
9. Step up
10. One step closer
11. Crawling
12. Runaway
13. Lying from you
14. Easier to run
15. Hit the floor

LP ♥

1.Robot Boy

2.The Catalyst

3.The Messenger

4.Wretches and Kings

5.Roads Untraveled




9.Qwerty(Studio Version)

10.In the End

11.In My Remains

12.Burning in the Skies

13.Points of Authority

14.Somewhere I Belong/Hands Held High

15.Waiting For the End/Bleed it Out

Gosh I <3 LP that was one of the hardest decisions ever!



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