Hey kids! Just start our first discussion, shall we? :]

My favorite metal genre is probably Symphonic Black Metal right now. I listen to a lot of bands like ChthoniC and Bishop of Hexen lately, I really like the theatrically sounding bits in the songs. (:
In general, I'm a pretty big fan of Death Metal but listening to some Doom and Black Metal after some time can be quite nice too because to be stuck to just one genre is boring ^_^

So, go ahead and tell us; what's your favorite metal genre? (Don't be shy, most us don't bite :P)

Tags: black, death, depressive, doom, epic, folk, genre, growl, guitar, heavy, More…industrial, loud, melodic, metal, music, riff, solo, suicidal, symphonic, thrash, viking

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my favorite metal genre is Nu Metal




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