Thts easy numb is the best song ever! Love the starting of it!

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Faint, I love it!!!!
its alright has good parts and bad. A bit ify with it

Stephen Marlow said:
Faint, I love it!!!!
Somewhere I Belong...I love the song and the lyrics are perfect for me hehe XD
"Somewhere I Belong", "Easier to Run" coming at a close second. They are both beautiful :)
i love Dont stay and somewhere i belong!!!! why arent they hits?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Somewhere I belong
Easier to run
But if I have to chose just one, Numb, definitely.
numb n breaking the habit
numb and breaking the habit.

Arsenal Ermihan said:
numb n breaking the habit

i agree
its to hard to choose

For me definitely Faint.

Exept this i love Lying From You, Figure 09 and From The Inside ;)



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