How wild are you when you find Mike Shinoda just standing outta your door... and knockin' on it,

what kinda wild act  would ya exactly do when u open that door??




just let me know how much you love him :)




emir :)

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If this would happen, I would be stuck and I couldn't say a word. Just would look at him without words.

ummm like omg its mike from lp haha and

give him hug well i love  mike soo much and lp ^^"

UMM.. I would probably talk to him through the door, too afraid to open it.

Then if i did open it i would give him an awkwardly long hug and try to keep from going insane. The entire time, silently praying that the situation wouldn't end in a restraining order.


I think my family would be accused of murder ..

OMG!! is that really you Mike??... OMG OMG OMG!! i'll say... give me a baby mike and that would be a great souvenir from you!! hahaha!!! soooo freaked out!!


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