I am trying to stop with smoking cigarettes and I will post every day
on twitter how it's going! I can use some help and support. So please,
follow me! I gonna proove to the world you can stop smoking with some
love and support by other people. Stop with smoking cigarettes is a
psycologic war with yourself and to win a war you always need a weapon.
My weapon is twitter! I call it my 'Stop Smoking With Twitter' project!
Strange? But I believe it! So please, believe it to!

You can follow me at my personal Twitter! http://twitter.com/LodeGeboers

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Sounds interesting, my dad stopped smoking from one day to other.... Cause the doc told him if he keeps smokin he'll die in few years.... But the sooner u stop the better it comes^^
You have my support! I'm with you.
good for you!!! all my support! u can do it!!!
Here for you hun!! you got my support no worries about it...hope it everything goes well my mom and dad stoped smoking a couple of years ago because from both sides of the family there is cancer of the lungs and there is heart problems too.
i`m gonna support you
my dad stopped smoking few years ago... and now, he is doing goooood... i know you can do it!!! go! go! go!^^
i believe you can do it!!!



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