I really
like the contrast between the gloominess of some of the pictures and the colors
they are painted with. I mean, purple skulls? Great!! ^^

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I love his art work he is a big inspiration to me with his music production skills and mainly his art work! The colours he uses in ever piece complements each other so well

you guys might like my art work, check it out at http://stusoilyblog.blogspot.com/
He've his own 'Style', It's Gloomy, But also, Kinda happy, Because of the colours. It's pretty Modern. :-)
I don't know about you guys, but I would like see another Mike's art show.
I know that to do an art show need takes time, ideas, and patience. And I know well that Mike is involved with the record, and certainly the paintings are not born under the bed, but selfishly, loving the art of Mike, I need it. In conclusion I hope that soon Mike will be able to create something.....
its like new age urban pop art. thats the shit im into.id like to see it thrown up on a wall maybe ill bite some of his art throw up a piece and take lots of pics (not sayin itll be perfect)
Im a Graphics student, and Mike's art is a big inspriation. The digital and traditional mix is something which most Graphic design lacks nowerdays, i think designers need to get back to sitting down with a pencil and markers and just drawing, alot of talent can be wasted just doing digital work. I think Mike's art is good because it can look good on anything, and can mean anything to anyone....this stuff would look good on a skateboard or in a frame, thats why its badass.
honey from human heads, cool
I liked that honda fury mike painted. Awesome. And the way he started GLX BORN and carried it in DIES it really looked like an era.
I love it! He has unique style, especially how he finds ways to bring together sinister and more softer elements.
i think its epic!!!



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