I really
like the contrast between the gloominess of some of the pictures and the colors
they are painted with. I mean, purple skulls? Great!! ^^

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Mike is the only Mike, and there will never be another artist like him. Nuff said.
His art and lyrics all have a really deep meaning and you can use hours to think of it or discuss the problems mentioned. Really nice work, dude, go on with it ;)
I really loved the topic of the last collection...

The obsession with the celebrities and the fame... it's something very common since the 60's

...I think he caught the concept very well...
Now i see examples of Glorious Excess or vanitas here, there and everywhere in real life. My favorite Mike's picture is Song.
wow... i like it a lot because its a mix for two worlds... like the god and the bad together, that its wath it is our world
I'm not the best person when it comes to art, but I always get this hunch that Mike's art is "modern" well duh XD but I mean it's interesting to see a different point of view reflected in his arts...+ I think mike's the magician of colors. :)
He paints bones like a God. Every artist has at least one signature ultimate skill, and his seems to be painting realistic bones.

(I know the purple skulls are photo-copies before anyone brings it up. I'm talking about his painting "Wine")
I like so much the combinations of colours and forms
i love it it totally speeks 4 its self....sooooooo awesome it totally shakes the way u look at stuff
Well Mike's art is simply wonderful, and I love the colors, fantasy, and how it makes me feel good when I look at!!!
HIS ARTWORKS R AMAZING,i watched his exhibiton of one his gallery,he said as he was 3 he knew he wanted 2 design sth....u know he knows how 2 draw cool.and this type of his artwork is really amazing...love his works.
super-duper-awesome..?? I don't know the best word to describe that.. :D



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