how was that song?
i think its awesome...
what do you think of the lp new style?
its a mix of house and rock...
can you say whene mike sings god bless us....  he is rapping?
what do you think of it?...

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At first I was like, I don't know about this song??? I don't really like it??? And then I read all the negative things ppl were saying about it. But today it's growing on me and now I can't stop listening to it!! I love it now!! They did warn us about it being different. Screw all them haters linkin park is linkin park no matter what. This is where all the fake linkin park fans show their faces. I'm a true LP fan until the end no matter how different they sound.
hiiiii abt which song ru talking........nd which lp new style??
In general I liked the song..although this style unfamiliar to me...but what do the guys for me perfectly..Mike god! :))))
Hi folks! ^^

well, I always loved LP songs the way they always were... but Im surprised now!
I've never thought LP playing a different style like this!
but despite that, I can't stop listening to "The Catalyst"!!! I'm addicted about it!!! *-*
and I can't wait for "A Thousand Suns"! xD
OMG! these guys are marvelous!
when I think these guys can't surprise me anymore, I see I was wrong! *-*
There's no band like Linkin Park... they're THE BEST! I love you guys! s2
yup agree with all of you!!! >>>>
these days i love lp and holy shinoda more that ever in my life they are supppppppppppppppper awesome
first time whene i've heard of the catalyst i was in lp chat room and mike shinoda was online XD!
but we missed him and he didnt talk to us that moment was a big moment in my life chatroom was full about 300 online
every one says wow! and i just cried! damn happy+cry! i cant explane my felling on that moment i just can say REALY AWESOME! for awesome lyrics and the music! and btw SOLICITOUS and confuse for the new style
just i hope it wont be pop or something like the shadow of the day.
yes very very soon i mean less than 24 ours it comes about 15-16th on my most play list on music player
and now it is on the 4th place in my most play list! so confusing song!
I love the song and the lyrics are .. so touching and doesnt matter if they change their style into a bit different, everything has to change. Years change, seasons change. haha What i want to say is Linkin Park is the most important music group to me, i have many likes, but this group is power? Wow that sounded silly. Anyways, dunno which word to choose to describe how important their music are to me, and how it makes my day and helps me go through bad times and good times. Peace out, people <3
P.S: i love melody of the song and the " Ooh" parts haha.



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