I think selling tshirtz for Japan was an awsome Idea onLPz part in order 2raise money. But az we all know, us normiez don't have the money or sometimez the tallent to make tshirtz. So what else can we do 2 raise money and bring more ppl to the MFR web site? I have gone out 2 my local train station in my LPU tshirt and started telling ppl about the site and how 2 donate and thingz like that but i'm sure you guyz will have better Ideaz. So plz leave me suggestionz and I will see what i can do about going through with ur ideaz! Or better yet, you can tell me what you guyz have done thx!

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I amalways happy to hear about people, who want to help! This is great! I contacted MFR a couple of times and then after 1-2 responds from them, they sent me this link:


There are many things you could do especially if you like in U.S.A 

Good luck! :)

Thx for the link, I hope other ppl see it and get ideaz! But, I have already seen that page since i visit that website regularly. I waz just trying to get some participation from ppl on this site.

P.S. i do like the U.S. but i live in Canada!

HAhahahhaha this was i typo. I meant "if you LIVE in the U.S." sorry :D

Have a benefit show for hurricane irene, and have Brandon Crawford and his company CONDEMNED ENTERTAINMENT be apart of it. The company is great and it would be good for the many people who will or are already in need help. We have to show them not to lose faith and keep the willingness to live inside of them.



how is this even topic-related? O.o

gayathri said:



itz not lol




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