Please bear with me, I suck at these kind of things (posts) This is mostly aimed at the members of LP.


I am the founder of a music project (band if you will) called "Dark Breed" and while I'm new to this particular business, I'm not new to Linkin Park or the love for music. (Fan since Hybrid Theory) I'm not very wealthy by any means, in fact I do all I can to get by but I believe I need to do something to help out, more so than just $10.


I have been working on a few demos for my upcoming self debut album and 1 day I read online about the cataclysm in Japan. I actually lost a few very close friends in that event and while I can not do anything to contribute in a major way, I really want to donate my music to the cause and make it more than just another song. I have been working on a song called "Darkest Hours" which is a song that covers these kinds of events that just "happens", it is a song I wrote that inspires the accelerated healing of a tragedy by joining many people together to help weather and rebuild.


I would like to donate this track and ANY OTHER songs to the current tracklist, no strings attached of course. I am doing this out of my pure support of the people of japan, and in the memories of those who are no longer with the world due to this very unfortunate event.


Please anyone, let me know how to donate this music to help out.

You can email me any details, or discussions at

Thank you - Beast.

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