I have a huge project lined up for febuary but I can seem to get any help and im sooo busy but I feel like i need to do this. My goal is to raise ten tousand dollars and donate it to music  for relief. How do I go about raising so much moolah and how do I get banners from MFR???? I have already gotten some donations and im going to cunduct a few fund raising rafflez at various schools and churchz but i still need the MFR swagg! If any one knows how to go about doing that I could sure use your help. Also if there is any1 in near (quebec montreal) me that want 2 help out I will needing alot of help because I will be going collecting not only in montreal but also in toronto and washington...so plz heal in any way you can. And whoever wantz to donate, I have been recieving donationd Via western union. 

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Sorry, but there is still a question of your credibility!

Personally, I prefer to pay directly into account of MFR, because they are for me a credible organization!
This is very ture, but itz illegal to take money from people under false pretense. I plan on going to big companies such as Insight, Mc donalds, Bell canada (phone company) ect... I will aslo be packing groceries at large chain supermarkets. Not to mention that all of this will be documented on video and that I will have to provide proof that the donations where made to the companies that will help me. I would just like 2 know If, because the funds will be going to MFR, that they would give me a hand in providing banners and other things like that for the purpouse of reenforcing my credibility. Thx for your coment though because I knew that that would be an issue.
Carla Reid said "how do I get banners from MFR?"
Carla Reid said "because the funds will be going to MFR, that they would give me a hand in providing banners and other things like that for the purpouse of reenforcing my credibility."

I guess it is logical to return with such requests directly to the MFR!

Speaking from the perspective of a person who is engaged in the foundation, no one will expose his authority and authenticate by his logo so little reliable work.
If anyone intends to raise funds using the logos of some respected foundation must be aware that it must obtain the license.
It seems to me that you have this awareness.

Your dwell on the size of future fundraising and various forms of these collections, in my opinion is to convince naive people that you are someone who really intends to devote himself.

You should know that a greater crime than the embezzlement of funds is the embezzlement of funds raised under the banner of a substantial foundation, because then they would accuse you of cheating and acting to the detriment of MFR.

If you really want to collect any funds do it indicating this action your own name.

Does not rely on the authority of the MFR, because it is unfair and can only harm the image of this foundation!

I can understand your perspective on the matter. But I wouldn't say that im depending on MFR. I was simply trying to get some info on if they helped people with variouse fundraising projects. I believe that I am resilient enough to reach my goal on my own. Any who, thx again for this discussion. ciao!


Another way to raise money for Music for Relief is to spread the word about the Linkin Park tickets on Tickets-for-Charity.com! Every Linkin Park GA ticket purchased through Tickets-for-Charity will automatically benefit Music for Relief.


Thx I will! this is much appreciated!!!
My advice is to just do what you can to earn money (as Peggy suggested) under your own name. I understand that you want people to know where the money will be going, but trying too hard to convince people that you're doing it for charity, when you don't actualy hold an official title with the organization, can only make you look suspicious. Rather, I find it best to raise the money on your own, and just donate it to Music for Relief. People don't have to know that the money is going toward something good, as long as it's getting there. 

That's how I've been doing it anyway. I've been in touch with the Vice President of the organization for a couple of years now, and she would probably tell you the same thing; that if you want to volunteer with them, sign up to recieve updates about events that they're holding. And if you're unable to participate, spread the word and find your own means to donate. But you're not going to get banners to set up your own booth or anything like that without an offical represenative of Music for Relief attending your fundraising events. As far as how to obtain Music for Relief swag to sell, you'll have to buy that with your own money.

I think it's awesome when people want to go out of their way to help do good things. However, unless you intend on spending a lot of your own money to venture out on your own, then you may want to set your goal a little lower in the beginning stages of your efforts. I'm not trying to discourage you or say you're not capable of achieving your goal of ten thousand dollars; I just think it's best to start smaller and progress higher in time.

I'm not sure if I helped any on the matter, but I just came across this discussion, so I figured I'd try to tell you what I could. Good luck with your endeavour to help Music for Relief.

hey! yeah I have singed up to MFR and I am participating in events organized by MFR. This discussion started off by me trying to get some info on the oragnization. In order so see what they do and don't do in regards to people volunteering their time. I figured, If I had a non profit organization, I would find ways to evaluate peoples credibility and offer them the toolz to help them succeed.

But it'z cool that you were able to get in touch with the Vice president of the organisation you must be deeply invested. I am still in the process of raising money under my name and telling them that the money will be going to MFR and I have been contributing my own money towards my goal, witch i honestly didnt expect to be spending as much as I have been. Also those who can't give right away, I simply direct them to the website. That iz what I have been doing from the beginning but im afraid there has been missunderstandings regarding that. oh well!

                                            Thanks for the luck lol and the advice, I take it to heart.   

Hi.. I am new to this group and I don't really know where to start.  I have only seen this web site. Is there somewhere to go to look for the donations web site.  What about hands on help, I don't know where to look for that also.  I someone could help me out please I would be greatful. 

Persephonezkiss - I'm glad to hear you're keeping your head up and still doing what you can to support Music for Relief. Not many people will go out of their way to help raise extra funds for the organization; especially when they have to invest some of their own money to do it. I understand what you mean about tools that would help other succeed in their fundraising, and maybe Music for Relief will find a good way to offer that someday, but right now it's not an option. It sounds like you're doing good though, and I hope you keep it up.  =)

Tara - First of all, welcome.  =)  To reach out to Music for Relief, you can either go to the top of this page, hover over "main", and click on "Music for Relief"; or you can go to www.musicforrelief.org. Once you're there, "click to enter". At the top of the page, you'll find "events"; if there are any upcoming volunteer opportunities with the organization, they'll post them there. Just below that, is "donate"; that'll take you through making whatever donations you (or others) would like to make. Also, if you scroll down a bit, in the bar on the right, you can enter your e-mail address to recieve newsletters from the website if you'd like to be notified of updates.
Hey thx!  Yeah it'z been rough but, I've been raising money slowly. Also, I singed up at the music for relief website to volunteer at a booth at the Washington show but it got cancelled at the last minute. So yeah Tara, that is the way to go if you wanna help out. And thank you my conscience lol (love ur name!) for the support. I have been getting alot of negative feed back fromsome of the people in my community. Any-huw i'm gonna make my donation veryvery soon...I haven't raised az much az I wanted to but I don't care! I believe every little bit helpz! Thatz what I believe.
Hey, raising money slowly is better than not doing anything at all. And it is true that every little bit counts - even when you don't get the donations you're hoping for, spreading the word and raising awareness can do wonders as well.  ;)  I'm sorry to hear you were unable to volunteer because your show got cancelled. I think it's a great experience, so I hope that you'll have an opportunity to volunteer again in the future. I'm also glad to hear that you plan on making your donation soon; with the massive earthquake that just hit Japan, as well as the tsunamis throughout the Pacific recently, I'm sure that Music for Relief could offer a good amount of disaster relief with your help. It's unfortunate that you're not recieving more support in your community, but it's good to hear that you're not letting that discourage you.  =)



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