How do you think one can increase the attractiveness of the page?

Viewing the page I was struck by a complete lack of interactivity.

Well, the idea is mainly based on one-sided communications, so I think that the response against the potential is too small.

If the shows are mostly speech, it builds a wall between the listener and presenting full speech. The wall, which hinders involvement in relief operations.

In fact, more than words  to the people  speak actions.

If you want to persuade someone to act  the best is to show  that you  act the same every day (and it does not matter that "every day" is more symbolic in

Therefore, I believe that too little is on the home page videos and photos showing
members of the LP's shares, which they are promoting.

Look at the picture below:

Something like this does not appeal to your
imagination more   than monotonous speeches?

The second thing I'm missing is one-sided support.Shows aid flows from richer to poorer. However, the poorer is treated only as recipients of aid. This paradoxically leads to the fact that perpetuates their poverty, because they are taught passivity. 

If you start to act like the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, who created the Grameen Bank, which is an institution offering help the poorest people who are thinking of keeping with their own work, your foundation will be giving more to reduce poverty.

Another increasingly being practiced by the foundations, it is to select by the donors  specific purposes to allocate their money such as
the purchase of grain needed to plant the fields, purchase of cows,
which feed a family or  particular child education.

People donating money for specific purposes  feel more involved in   the foundation activities and are more generous.

Volunteers, please write what you think should be on the website to make it more attractive to donors!

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Peggy from Poland this is actually something I've thought about. Thanks for starting the discussion. The way I see it is people are not only inspired by the act of helping they are also inspired by people they love. Whether it be a family member, sports figure, actor or your favorite team or band. The only reason I know about Music for Relief is because I'm a Linkin Park fan. You go to the MFR website and on the home page you see no photos of LP. Now maybe they don't want this to be about them but do you want more donations or not. The photo you have of them hammering some nails is great. It shows the band we love and a charitable act. At the top of the page you have the video for the flooding in Pakistan. I realize they need to show the devistation but I think it would be more affective to maybe have a video of one of the band members or another celebrity asking for help and mention exactly what the money will be used for, housing, clean drinking water or healthcare. Also at the top you have a tab for "Partners". When I clicked on that a few weeks ago it of course listed some of the celebrities involved in whatever way with MFR. I cliked on a couple of them which took me to their websites and there is no mention of MFR on their sites. So basically MFR is advertising them but they are not returning the favor. Granted I only clicked on a couple so that may not be the case for all. On the right of the main page you have the "Featured Photos". They are from 2009. Nothing more current? The website is Music For Releif. They need to have musical acts featured on the main page. That's what people will respond to. Got a few more ideas but don't want to write a novel . I'll leave it at that and we can discuss more. Thanks Peggy....Kim
I hope that on the MFR will be showing pictures of the LP fellows and volunteers at the hostel wall painting.
Since I started this thread, I decided that I should write about the changes that I noticed on the website ( after 11.11.

First, the positive I add photos depicting activities MFR, since they show that something is happening. In the previous version had the impression of stagnation, total passivity.

Secondly, also changed graphics, but too much black runs depressants. I understand that it looks more elegant, but artists should note that this site serves the social action and visuals should work appealing to stimulate the generosity of donors.

Still is a lack of visual examples of LP members activities. As you can see in the picture at the top.
I believe that nothing is an encouraging sign for the fans like the sight of their idols, who show that not only talk but also act according to what they proclaim.

I also think that appeals for donations should be imaged by concrete things. For example, instead of asking for $ 5 for a general objective, it is better to say that for the $ 5 you can buy, for example, a specific number of cups of rice for the hungry in Haiti. Referring to the imagination of the listener relates to better results.

ps.: I hope that my and Kimberly remarks will help increase the amount of contributions, because the criticism is not the goal of them, but an attempt to improve the work of MFR



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