hi everyone my name is zhukry and i really need u help to raise $500 so i can get my ticket  so  please people lets doit.....thanks for u support


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Nothing demotivate so much like captured a gift without own contribution.

For someone who lives in the U.S. gain of $ 500 should not be a big problem. Just find a part-time job.

Think about the people who live in third world countries, where monthly wages are about $ 60!

If you lived in such a poor country like Haiti, that I could understand your request, but being a citizen of a country as wealthy as the U.S., you should not expect that someone will fulfill your cravings.

I think your request is not ethical.

I've taken the challenge already  :)
Did U raise enough money 2 get you ticket zhukry?...By the way I know how difficult it can be to "collect" 500$ even when you live in the US or Canada so never mind ppl with preconceved notions about things they dont know.



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