Hey everyone,


I'm not sure how many people internationally are aware of what's going on down here in Australia (I'm a resident of Brisbane and have lived here my entire life) but the crisis here is... well heartbreakingly devastating to say the least.


I guess I was just wondering what everyone here has heard about it and I want to encourage you all to take a look to see what's happenings. I also wonder if MFR will be doing anything in the months following to help out. It would be awesome if they would.


If anyone else is interested in donating after what they see you can visit http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html.


Anything and everything you do to get the word out about this helps. Tweeting, talking about it on blogs and sites, telling friends and family... anything.


Thanks guys.

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Wow im really suprised that this wasn't on the news over here!! (Montreal Canada) I will spred the news!

I think the attitude of the 13-year-old Jordan is a symbol of heroism of the victims of the floods.

Jordan Rice, 13, at left, died after insisting his brother Blake, at right, be rescued first from their flooded car in Australia.

ohh:'(.... actully we knew it in China byTV ....sooo it must be so serious now.... enn..try my best...good luck to AUSTRALIA!!!!

Hey just wanted to know whatz happening down there...they have stopped advertizing about the flood on our local newz and I wanted to hear from some1 living it first hand. It really sux what happened to Jordan and Blake. I saw, on our local news, the rescue worker who rescued Blake but didn't get to rescue his mother and brother...he was so dissapointed in himself....uuugg! It may be easyer said than done but people need to stop blamming themselves for thingz that they can't control. I only hope that Blake the main victim in this situation gets the help he needz in order not to blame himself! And  this iz only one story, I can't imagine all the otherz! :(



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